Round 2 for “This Is Not Okay” protest in Brentwood

A group formed to resist the President Trump agenda, Indivisible St. Louis, is planning a second “This Is Not Okay” protest at the same spot as its July 28 gathering — the fountain intersection of S. Brentwood Boulevard and Eager Road, on August 25, 5:30 – 7 p.m.

The group says that as with the previous event they don’t want to disrupt traffic because the idea is to reach as many people as possible.

They suggest participants take Metrolink to get there or use one of the many nearby parking lots.

The group said on Facebook they were disappointed to find that some local businesses, like Brentwood Square, tried to deter people from parking in their lots despite having plenty of empty spaces.

“Perhaps they did not realize that the people participating in this event are members of the community who live, work, and shop in this area. Hopefully the property management will re-think their attitude going forward since so many of us have spent money at Brentwood Square retailers,” the group posted.

Protestors wave American flags at the the previous “This is not OK” protest in Brentwood.

48 thoughts on “Round 2 for “This Is Not Okay” protest in Brentwood

  1. Obama’s legacy. After electing our first black president we have more racial unrest than ever. Ironic isn’t it?

  2. Steve Schroer I really like to meet with you if we could make meeting arrangements other than through this public media. No telling who would show up. I most likely have made a lot of enemies over this medium. Can you think of another way to make arrangements to meet?

    • Make your arrangements through an intermediary. Steve said he is in the phone book, or you could just call him yourself.

      • Speak Now & Steve Schroer — Give me the word and I’ll share your emails mutually and privately so you can meet. Do it here or email to BTW, back when the Ryan Hummert statue was being discussed here, there was an attempt to have a meeting of folks of varying opinions on the issue at Stone Spiral. One person who strongly supported the statue didn’t come. Those who did were sorry not to hear his side. I was there, and in my opinion, on this issue, those for and those against this planned protest could meet openly without fear of ‘enemies.’

  3. I’m wondering why they are having another protest? I would think one is enough….unless they are looking for people to come who shouldn’t……and I really don’t think that is the case tho’. The last one was fine….was over about 8 o’clock, I think. If they want to stand there on a night and do that for a few hours…why not. No one pays much attention anyway…..I wouldn’t, tho’….just saying.

    • The reason they are having a second go around is because they didn’t get it right the first time.

  4. If the KKK or Neo-Nazis show up this could get out of hand very quickly. This is an incredibly dangerous location for a protest. They should consider moving it to an open space like Forest Park or up the street to Shaw Park in Clayton.

  5. I know this might seem petty to some of you, but can we please discuss the two little girls playing on top of the transformers and junction boxes? Those things contain an incredible amount of electricity, and, although they should generally be pretty safe, should never be treated as playground equipment. I’m disgusted that none of the adults present there stopped them from climbing up onto that equipment.

    • My neighbor has watermelon and tomato plants glowing next to the big green electrical boxes in her backyard. The plants always put out the most amazing sized tomatoes and watermelons…lots of them too. Mine that aren’t by any sort of electrical box never get that big. Come to think about it, her peonies are close to the boxes and also get really big. It’s always made me wonder about the effects of those electrical boxes.

  6. Why should Brentwood Square accommodate people who aren’t buying anything to use their spaces. Amazing logic with that one. These “protests” are a waste of time. People are getting ready for a relaxing weekend on Friday night, not going to raise a sign that literally has no outcome on anything.

    • That “despite having plenty of empty spaces” comment is what killed me. Anyone who’s ever been in a parking lot (especially in the Brentwood area) could tell you that spaces are rarely the issue; the problems are with the entrances and exits, as well as the roads inside the lot. There is no doubt in my mind that the Brentwood Square parking lot is not designed to handle 50-75 cars entering and leaving at about the same times.

  7. Because the White Supremecists and David Duke SAID they were there to accomplish Pres. Trumps agenda. Seen on TV.

  8. This isn’t a Democrat or
    Republican thing anymore. We are slowly seeping towards a authoritarian facist regime under Trump. We were warned by many and it is coming to pass. Blind unchecked devotion of the people is allowing our presidency to lose all stature.

  9. . Good for you Jane Doe, don’t be upset but now there are two of us who support President Trump.

  10. Why does Brentwood condone this. If they have a permit who is the dumb butt who gave it to them? Hey Maryr do I have your undivided attention yet? Hahahaha!

      • Thank you! Why is it different than a parade. Must you have a permit if you are having a parade on a public street? Just asking!

    • Because the corrupt politicians that run Brentwood are too busy finding ways to milk their system for their own benefit and could care less about protecting the public….

  11. Do protesters really change people’s minds. Not mine, I won’t give up my morals to do the popular thing. What a huge waste of time.

    • I think if it was popular, there would be millions. This only involves a few mislead by Obama, Hillary and George Soros.

    • Becky good for you. You do not even want to be seen by those derelects. They just can’t get over they got their butt kicked in last November. They hate me like they hate themselves but will not admit they have an unhappy live.

  12. I hope the BPD is ready for this. On the heels of Charlottesville all kinds of nut bags could show up and reek havoc…

    • The protest was peaceful the first time around. No reason to think it won’t be peaceful this time too. White supremacists and other Trump supporters were the cause of the trouble in Charlottesville. These protesters are the opposite of that.

        • If you support Trump, that’s the problem in and of itself. Go examine your moral compass.

        • You bought him–HE’S YOURS! Just because you were too blind to see what a nightmare he is doesn’t mean the MAJORITY OF VOTERS were. The “unfair” (whiny Trump’s favorite word) part is that we ALL have to live with YOUR MISTAKE.

      • Did anyone watch the Virginia National Guard strolling on to the scene like they were on a city tour of Charlottesville. An organized mob has a leader and could have taken them down so fast. When the riots were in Detroit in the 60’s the rioters new as soon as the Airborne march onto the scene the routers new it was over because the Airborne was a well disciplined show of organized force.

          • Mr. Speak Now: I accept your invitation to meet. I can’t make the OK Corral, as you suggest, but how about the bleachers at Ryan Hummert Park tomorrow at 5 p.m. Just talk. I’d be interested to hear your views. I’ll even buy you a cup of coffee at the Stone Spiral.

        • If the National Guard was ordered to “take them down”, do you think they would have cared what side anyone was on? Everyone (left and right) is guilty by association at that point. Don’t try to pick a fight and stay home ppl. Silly me to think racism died with the older generation.

        • Mr. Speak Now: Only lazy, undisciplined people rely on spell check. If you’re going to post, please take the time to get it right. And by the way, the apostrophe in your “60’s” is in the wrong place. You might want to brush up on your grammar, too. And one more piece of advice: Cowards use fake names. Mine’s in the phone book. What’s yours?

          • I’m not telling you my name here, if you want to know who I am, meet me at the Ok Corral. Something else when and if you get to the Ok Corral you may be surprised and start trembling so bad your pants will fall off. If you knew who I was this would not be fun anymore. I like getting under the skin of you Liberals. You may be making fun of an immigrant just like a woman named Maryr did last week. Come on don’t be so serious, loosen up and have some fun.

      • Hey folks, Andy is an undercover intelligence agent. (NOT). Andy how do you know there were President Trump supporters in Charlottesville. Were you there and spoke with them. If so what did they have to say about the situation?

        • Andy, Andy are you still here? Of course there were Trump supporters there. Also bad people were there who were paid for their services to disrupt and cause mayhem, but they were not paid by President Trump. Do you think he supports violence in this country?

      • Do you know how many persons it would take to turn the crowd around to become unruly for starters. One that is all it would take, one person and you could have a very bad situation in no time. One bad outsider who is sent to Brentwood to get it going. I know you think I am wacky, but let me tell you I seen it happen.