Schnucks confirms new Maplewood store

Schnucks Markets announced on Monday, the same day the company says it reached a lease agreement, that it will open a store where Shop ‘n Save closed last month.“Maplewood is a community that we’ve considered a prime location for quite some time,” the press release says.

Schnucks plans to hire about a hundred employees for the store, according to the release, and that it should open in late August.

Shop ‘n Save closed in June.

See the Schnucks press release here: Schnucks to Open Supermarket in Maplewood, Mo. – 07-02-18

27 thoughts on “Schnucks confirms new Maplewood store

  1. I was thinking today of how lucky I am. I live in a place where I have food. I live in a place where I have safe drinking water. I live in a place where I can have shelter. I live in a place where I can get medical care, if needed. A new grocery store moving into Maplewood is icing on the cake.

  2. I did not know Schnucks was so charitable and that is very good, however their antiunion activity has turned me against them so even though it’s a few blocks away, I won’t buy from them.

    • Schnucks isn’t any more “anti-union” than any other successful business. The recent strike showed the true relationship between Schnucks employees and their employer; they boycotted their own store. Then after the strike is settled they show up to work with a big smile like it never happened. Lots of bitching about not being able to raise a family on grocery store worker wages. Guess what, if your career path stopped when you became a grocery store shelf stock person-thats on you. Want to earn more, learn more. Meanwhile quit bashing the company who signs your check.

      • “if your career path stopped when you became a grocery store shelf stock person-thats on you.” That would almost hold water, and in fact up through the 70s it did hold water, because there were plenty of union manufacturing jobs those people could rely on. But they’ve offshored most of those higher-paying jobs to China, India, Mexico, etc. The stock person didn’t do that, so it’s not on him, it’s on the multi-billionaires.

      • It’s sad that this need to be said but everyone doesn’t have the same opportunities, they still deserve to live with dignity.

      • Yes, we are in the information and technology age if your skill set does not align with the new economy you will be at the bottom of the wage ladder. The grocery biz is very low margin and driven by volume. All the chains want to curtail the unions as they try to force wage growth that does not reflect the economic realities of the industry….

        • And that’s exactly why we need a strong safety net (single-payer health care, social security, etc.), so that low-end workers don’t get squeezed when industries shift from one economy to the next.

  3. Like many people in Maplewood, I am very happy that Schnucks is moving in to the Old Shop and Save location. We are very fortunate that they already considered the location to be a good one. I was worried that the property would go unused for some unspecified time, and that our town would be loosing revenue every day.
    We don’t yet know what the store will be like, but I for one expect it to be an improvement. What is the point of negative comments on something that hasent even happened yet?

    • Some people just look for an opportunity to complain – about something, anything.
      If you gave them a gold watch, they would complain because it wasn’t a Rolex.

    • We are indeed fortunate to have such services to maintain our walkable community! An empty building in that location would leave a huge hole. When I was a kid, there were two major grocery chain stores on Sutton south of Manchester alone. Bettendorf and National. TomBoy was south of Greenwood. Every three to five blocks had a convenience store (prior to 7-11s). We are fortunate that business is good again!

  4. Well, I’m a Dierberg’s fan myself, but love the idea of shopping in 63143 so I may just start shopping at Schnucks! Shop and Save just wasn’t an option — too expensive for the low quality they offered, and too many pricing mistakes.

    • Ha! Well, be careful at the new store–Schnucks Hampton Village is so notorious for pricing errors I think it’s intentional. Sale signs are misplaced, mismarked, and not entered into the computer. For a while I was taking pictures of every shelf item and then for a while I boycotted. Now I’m just extremely watchful. Let’s hope it’s just poor management and won’t transfer to Maplewood.

  5. Frontenac Schnucks sells high grade. Great selection of everything. Cheap items and expensive items. Small store, too. I bet Maplewood location is bigger…

  6. That is so great! I am so glad that very important location will be open for business again. I love this community, and I am truly happy a family-owned store that is famous for its philanthropic work will be joining our little town!

  7. Great news that we WILL be getting another grocery shopping option in our town and WON’T be looking at a big empty building smack in the middle of the central business district for months and months. Also grateful that Red Brick doesn’t snatch up another of our buildings!

  8. The press release says the Schnucks store will open in “late August”. Seems like a pretty quick turnaround, but hopefully that happens, mitigating any loss of jobs and/or tax revenue from Shop n Save leaving.

    • I agree that the August timeframe sounds like an awfully quick turnaround. Seems like what we’ll be getting is a lower end Schnucks that won’t resemble any of the other stores.

      • What makes you think we will get a lower end Schnucks? Quick turn around? The shelving and lots of infrastructure is there already. Maybe they prefer brand X kitchen equipment but that can be swapped out pretty quickly. Lots of it is done on paper to figure out layout and placement before anyone ever starts moving any product in the store. I suspect some long days maybe some 24 set up times and they can be in there without a problem.

        • I remember what happened when Schnucks took over the National stores with similar quickness: specifically the Twin Oaks one that my sister worked at during the transition. They didn’t do much and kept the store in pretty poor shape.

          • Yep, remember that. Schnuck’s does tailor its stores to the neighborhood demographics – look at DesPeres and Frontenac stores. What we will get is likely a warmed over discount warehouse style store. Remember Freedman Railroad Salvage from the 1970’s??

            • Des Peres is Schnucks’ “flagship” store because most of the family lives nearby. The Chesterfield, Ballwin and Wildwood stores are pretty average given the area demographics.

  9. Good news.. I’ve been around since Bettendorf Rapp.. I guess I’m old.. but I think it’ll be a better option than the old.. Again a capital management group screws the workers and the customers, IE Toys are Us.. the only ones getting rich are the A Hole money guys..