Seeking hosts for dinners to thank first responders

Flora Avenue neighbors, Laura Miller and Erin Sullivan, have kicked off a monthly thank you to Maplewood’s first responders. For two months they have organized neighborhood pot luck dinners for the fire and police departments.

The first one was in March, at Miller’s house. In April it was on Vine Avenue. A couple months ago they went to a city council meeting to get the city’s blessing.

“The whole point of this, first and foremost, is to thank our first responders and show them how much we appreciate what they do for us,” Miller said. “It’s also to bring our neighbors together, and to create a rapport with our first responders, and it’s an opportunity to set an example for our children; for them to have an opportunity to create that rapport, so they’re comfortable, god forbid, we ever have to have any interaction with any first responders.”

Miller and Sullivan coordinate with the police and fire departments each month, and they’re looking for families in different Maplewood neighborhoods to host more dinners. They use Meal Train, an online organizing tool.

For now the dinners will be at the host’s home. Miller said when the new firehouse is finished the dinners will be there. Anyone interested in hosting should email Miller at:

Maplewood Corporal Dustin Schmitt (left) and Officer Jason Schuster (right) enjoy the pot luck dinner on Vine Avenue.


4 thoughts on “Seeking hosts for dinners to thank first responders

  1. Sounds like something I would be happy to help make happen if we could get some worker bees together from our Moeller/Rule neighborhood. My yard should be big enough to accomodate two or three canvas awnings. Someone probably has access to folding chairs and tables,,some paper plates, etc. I’d be glad grill some meats and we could come up with a few sides and desserts. Anyone interested, get in touch with me.

  2. This is awesome. We are in Richmond Heights and would be happy to host a dinner if RH has a similar program.

  3. Laura, such a great idea!!! I would love to host. I will contact you about it. Thanks for doing this!!