Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault

The packaged liquor store opening at 3600 S. Big Bend in Maplewood displays signs that it will open soon, using the word, ‘liquior,’ an apparent misspelling.

Whatever was involved in making the signs, the business is filed with the Missouri Secretary of State using the ‘liquior’ spelling — Big Bend Liquior. See the filing here.

The shop is set to open in February, an employee said on Thursday. At the time the shelves were empty. He said he couldn’t say what else the store would carry besides liquor.

13 thoughts on “Misspelled signs may not be sign-maker’s fault

  1. Seems to me unc jed doesn’t like anything about Maplewood. Maybe he should look four something better.

  2. The comments here are funny. This was a short little bit about an apparent misspelling. Makes me think of something I recently saw elsewhere. Someone commented about a misspelling in an article, with an apparent misspelling in his comment. I asked if the apparent misspelling was a British version of the word, and found out that it, in fact, was.

  3. “He said he couldn’t say what else the store would carry besides liquor.”

    Like the Phillips 66 station at Manchester and McCausland a nice collection of bongs, glass pipes and one hitters?

  4. This is the low rent other side of the tracks area of MPW. Pool hall, dive bar, cheap apartments, vacant strip mall, dilapidated viaduct, etc. A liquior store fits right in…

    • Not sure you’ve spent much time in South Maplewood. I would gladly give you a tour of the Greenwood neighborhood. Lovely homes and nice people. A lot like most of Maplewood come to think of it. Beautiful ho,es with 60s-70s area apartments peppered in.

      • Another positive sign for Greenwood is some of the shoddy apartments Jedd refers to are in the middle of being upgraded and updated. As Luke claims, the Greenwood enclave is a great little area.

  5. That corner is a horrible entryway to our fine city from Webster/Shrewsbury. That property is a joke (has always been a trash bin), and the fact that our city council passed through approval of the liquor business without any apparent aesthetic considerations/demands is a shame. I am admittedly not familiar with the options they may have had to demand improvements, but anything would be better than what I see there now.

    • The only way to fix this is zoning. That spot has almost no restrictions. Someone could put a strip bar along here and there’s little that could be done to fight it.


      Yet the City of Maplewood chased the nice, upscale Craft Beer Cellar store proposal out of town in the “Community District” area because of laziness and politics.