Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood

Mirror Image Life Style Fitness (2718 Sutton Boulevard) closed at the end of 2017, with its owner saying what’s next will be exciting.

Looks like it’s going to be a snack shop. Sherry’s Snacks went before Maplewood Design and  Review last week for approval for an awning sign.

There’s a Sherry’s Snacks in Alton, IL, on Facebook, with this description: “Your Sweetest Destination! Come visit us for all your “sweets” needs! We have a large assortment of candy, ice cream, soda floats, nachos and chocolate!”

The shop has been contacted, but so far there’s no confirmation that this is the shop coming to Maplewood.

At the same design and review meeting, the board considered exterior renovations for Elmwood restaurant (2704 Sutton Boulevard), which plans to add a new door off of Sutton. The stage that’s been in the space was being dismantled on Monday.

Sherry’s Snacks, via Facebook

8 thoughts on “Snack shop coming to Maplewood; work begins on Elmwood

  1. If they make it a year they’ll be lucky. Pricing way out of line with reality, commodity candy, and rent likely too damn high!!! – James McMillan III

    • The Sugar Shack is a similar kind of shop that has been operating in Kirkwood for a number of years. The people behind Sherry’s must think there are folks living or visiting Maplewood that will pay those prices or they wouldn’t be coming. I take it as a good sign for the local economy/business community.

  2. $9 for a pound of Gummy Bears? No thanks, I’ll go to Shop N’ Save and get them for a buck.

  3. Hope this doesn’t add to the illegal parking problem. The drivers state, “I’m just running into ……, I’ll just be a second.”