Special election to be held to fill vacant council seat

Maplewood mayor-elect Barry Greenberg says he doesn’t believe the city council will vote to temporarily fill his vacant Council seat. Greenberg is a Ward 3 councilman, and won the mayoral election on Tuesday, defeating Patrick Jugo.

The council has the option to fill a vacant seat for a period of up to 180 days. Greenberg said a special election will be held within 60 days to fill his vacant Ward 3 seat.

From the Maplewood ordinances:

Filling of vacancies. A vacancy in the council, or in the office of the mayor, shall be filled by the council by a majority vote of all its remaining members (including the mayor), for a period running to the next regular election unless such period exceeds 180 days. In the latter case, the council shall make arrangements for a special election to fill such vacancy for the unexpired term. Said election shall be held within 60 days of the time the vacancy occurs. Any person appointed to the council pursuant to this section shall possess those qualifications for the office as set forth in section 3.2(b).

The date of Greenberg’s inauguration, and incumbent council member, Shawn Faulkingham (Ward 3), and new council members, Steve Moseley (Ward 1) and Ray Crader (Ward 2), hasn’t been set.

4 thoughts on “Special election to be held to fill vacant council seat

  1. It might be too early to know, but what is the application process/deadline for getting on the ballot?

    I agree that it would be nice to see Patrick on the council. It would give the city an opportunity to see him “put his money where his mouth is”, and garner the experience that many thought was lacking.

  2. I voted for Barry but I would like to see Patrick Jugo on the council. Both were reasonable candidates and the amount of votes Mr Jugo had show there is support behind him. He seems to have views closer to Barry, particularly in regards to a need for a comprehensive plan, than most others on the council. I am excited about the prospect of having three new council members while keeping Barry and Shawn’s voices. Looking forward to learning more about the new council members.

    By the way, Ray Crader had previously reached out on 40South when he still had an opponent and mentioned doing a social media forum. Any update on that?