St. Mary Magdalen Church fish fry now drive-thru only

God’s Cod Fish Fry at St. Mary Magdalen Church in Brentwood will now be served only through a drive-thru, 4:30 – 7:30 p.m. on Fridays during Lent: “Same great food at a fantastic social distance!”

6 thoughts on “St. Mary Magdalen Church fish fry now drive-thru only

  1. Went through the St. Mary Magdalen drive-thru yesterday. Very efficient and speedy. Once it opened at 4:30, only waited about 15 minutes to get food (of course I was in line at about 4 PM and had about 10 cars ahead of me in my line already).

  2. They ought to allow westbound Manchester traffic to pull into the parking lot for the 3rd drive thru line. The traffic backs up so much as it is.

  3. How does it actually work? Do you move thru the line in your car and get to a place where you order – somewhere along it? Or do you order ahead of time and then go get in the car line? Surely you order before you get to the pickup spot, right? If someone can explain for the unitiated, I’d be more willing to wait in that unGodly line! 🙂

    Oh, and don’t forget that Gus’s Chicken has fried fish all during lent!

    • Yes, you order from your car as you wait in line. It has worked very efficiently when there has only been one drive thru line the last several years. It will obviously be more of a challenge with the additional lines. I think the challenge will be exiting onto Manchester with cars probably backed up on Manchester turning the corner onto northbound
      Brentwood and then Magdalen to enter.

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