St. Mary Magdalen Church new sculpture

Saint Mary Magdalen Catholic Church in Brentwood had sculpted a depiction of Saint Mary Magdalen. This depiction of the, “Apostle to the Apostles,” is taken from the beautiful crucifixion scene located in the church sanctuary.

Michelle Bowman of Restorations Plus handled the commissioning of the statue and put the pastor, Fr. Jack Siefert, in contact with a local sculptor, Abraham Mohler, who sculpted the statue from a large block of limestone. The ten thousand pound statue took a year to finish and is sitting on the southwest corner of the church property. This statue gives honor to the power of Christ working through this heroine of the Church. It has been donated in the name of loved ones deceased. While the statue is in place, there is landscaping to be done as well as the reinstallation of the granite Saint Mary Magdalen sign.

8 thoughts on “St. Mary Magdalen Church new sculpture

    • That area of the Church (Manchester at Brentwood) is not complete. The old, concrete sign is being replaced by a new one that is encased in limestone, and there are plans for landscaping to be completed. Don’t be such a pessimist!

  1. ps. I hope that they treat it with something, so it doesn’t have erosion problems.

  2. I just noticed it today. It could have been there for a long time, though. It’s nice.

  3. Very nice. The Church could use a statue or two on the grounds. This is a beautiful church and I enjoy living in the parish.

  4. Doug, I am so glad I subscribe to your news! I just drove by today and thought…??? Now I know. Perhaps a followup story on how it is being received is in order. Thanks for keeping me informed and in the loop.

  5. I love this statue. It’s beautiful, and I hope they landscape it in a fitting resting place for it. I was in the class that made their First Holy Communion in the church when it was built. We were the first First Holy Communion class in the new church. We graduated from 8th grade in 1953…and had a 50 years reunion of our class there in 2003. We had a great time……..I think the year for the First Holy Communion would have been 1947. I didn’t start until that year, and had already made my First Hold Communion at Little Flower School in 1946.