Steak ‘n Shake robber gets 9 1/2 years; Teens rob homeless man at Metrolink stop: in the press

MRH’s Malik Stewart averaging 27.2 points per game, new coffee shop is featured, Maplewood Steak ‘n Shake robber gets years in jail, and more in the press.


2 thoughts on “Steak ‘n Shake robber gets 9 1/2 years; Teens rob homeless man at Metrolink stop: in the press

  1. Public transportation, including the Metrolink, is good for the local economy, good for safety because of fewer cars on the road, improves air quality, and makes transportation to and from work affordable for working people. Read all about it:

    The guy who robbed the steak and shake drove a car – where’s all your outrage about cars? Most of the time if somebody decides to rob someone, they’re not going to wait around on a train platform where there are video cameras.
    You probably know, Uncle Jedd, that back in the day St. Louis has a way more extensive public transportation system, with multiple streetcar lines going through Maplewood and Webster, and with commuter trains too. Back when St. Louis was safer and more prosperous than it is today.

    Usually when you got someone complaining the way you do about public transportation in general, it’s just because they’re afraid to say what they really think about the people using it.

  2. The metro link is public nuisance. Its long history of attracting criminal activity like this is well documented. Tolby Roach is a clueless political hack who is more interested in running Joe’s toy train than fixing the rampant crime on Metro-link. I believe he just outsourced security to rent-a-cops to save a few bucks.

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