Polo shirt theft fourth offense in four years

Danielle Shanklin, 22, of St. Louis, was charged with stealing Polo brand shirts from Macy’s on September 9, according to court and police records. It was her fourth stealing offense since September 2012.

According to records, Shanklin took numerous Polo T-shirts into a fitting room at the Macy’s store and hid them in a shopping bag, then walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay for them. She was apprehended outside the store and the stolen shirts were recovered.

2 thoughts on “Polo shirt theft fourth offense in four years

  1. Yep. Take the metrolink down from the hood for a nice day of shoplifting at the Galleria. Go back home get up the next morning and repeat…

  2. And the beat goes on ..
    Tired of being politically correct, a spade is a spade… Clearly not working is a life… Speak up folks.. I’m tired of this