Summer road work, Maplewood meeting canceled: council member reports

Maplewood Ward 2 council member, Eleanor Pardini, reported on Facebook that this week’s city council meeting was cancelled due to a lack of agenda items.

The council met last Tuesday in a closed session to discuss a ‘personnel matter.’ It’s possible the subject could have been the hiring of a new city manager. City Manager Marty Corcoran has announce his retirement.

Pardini’s report on Facebook:

First, city council for tonight, May 28, is cancelled due to lack of agenda items. We are working on the city manager hiring process and up soon will be the budget review process.

Second, last week, along with a few neighbors, I attended a public meeting with Anthony Traxler, our director of public works, along with two representatives from Frontenac Engineering, about the upcoming road construction that will take place in Ward 2.

Excellent news: The city will have a summer 2019 road construction website up soon and they will update it frequently throughout the duration of this project!

Road work will be a mix of full road replacement and asphalt overlay depending on the condition of the road. The work will be staged to accommodate traffic and parking needs and minimize disruptions. During construction, traffic will be one way while work is done on one side of the street and then work will switch sides. There will be plenty of signage up to direct traffic and parking! (see original letter below)

If you have questions throughout the project, you can reach Anthony at 645-3600 or

One thought on “Summer road work, Maplewood meeting canceled: council member reports

  1. as for the summer road work I keep telling myself it will be great when it gets done, streets will be so much better. I tell myself this almost daily as I navigate around not just our town but others and try to find ways to go that are not all full of cones, steel plates or temporary patches that jar you as you go over them and torn up streets and has the bobcats and dump trucks driving up and down the roads. For the most part it is not an issue but why is it that the one day I have to be somewhere at a specific time I seem to find the one street that has the concrete truck unloading and have to wait the 10 or 20 minutes to unload before I can get by? Only happened once so not a big deal but man o man do we have some work being done in our town!

    Looking forward to when it is done but surviving it all now…