Sutton Avenue becomes Sutton Boulevard, and another street name mystery

Until approximately last year, the street called Sutton, in Maplewood, was Sutton Boulevard south of Manchester Road and Sutton Avenue north of Manchester. It’s now Sutton Boulevard the whole way. A resident mentioned it recently.

Google Street View from July 2016 shows a street sign as Sutton Ave, though Google now calls it Sutton Boulevard when any addresses are searched, such as Stone Spiral Coffee, now at 2500 Sutton Boulevard.

The city’s only comment was that Sutton Boulevard is the proper name for all blocks of Sutton — no comment on a change.

Spokesperson with St. Louis County Roads, David Wrone, said a name change would have been Maplewood’s work.  A manager at the Maplewood Post Office said the post office still has it as an avenue, but it doesn’t make a difference as far as mail delivery goes.

Sutton Boulevard, at Lyndover, now

From Google Street View, July 2016, the Sutton Ave sign. Though Google makes the change, calling it Sutton Blvd

Another small mystery: The avenue the restaurant, The Piccadilly at Manhattan is on, is spelled ‘Piccadilly’ from Commonwealth Avenue, south, and ‘Picadilly’ north of Commonwealth. One ‘C’ in St. Louis city and two in Maplewood.

5 thoughts on “Sutton Avenue becomes Sutton Boulevard, and another street name mystery

  1. When we moved on to Sutton Blvd. over fifty years ago. It was Sutton Blvd. All of our legal documents have our address as Sutton Blvd. We are north of Manchester. The change to Avenue lead to non delivery of packages, and the newspaper. We are glad the signs now reflect our legal address.

  2. As for another mystery -the one block street Cherry Avenue is Ave at one end, and Cherry Street at the other end. Go figure.

  3. My favorite: Del Norte in RH, Oakview Terrace in Maplewood north of Manchester and Marshall in Maplewood south of Manchester. Same street with three name changes in less than 1/2 mile.

  4. For those of us on Gayola we like to say: It’s a Place, not a Street.