Taco Bell coming to Maplewood led last week’s news

The list of most popular posts last week was led by the news of Taco Bell moving to Maplewood — according to some TB employees. Homes for sale in the MRH School District came in second.

  1. Taco Bell taking over former Maplewood Tim Hortons location: employees
  2. Homes Under $200k in MRH School District
  3. No lease signed for former Tim Hortons building: owner
  4. Strange Donuts, Elmwood, Galleria in the news
  5. If you see smoke coming from near MRH this week, this might be why
  6. Resident wants Charter to clean up tangle of wires
  7. Maplewood History: A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning… Hobby?
  8. Bike trail still alive in Maplewood, 2019 construction possible
  9. Crossing at Richmond Heights: what’s coming
  10. Former car lot likely to remain a car lot

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