Taco Bell taking over former Maplewood Tim Hortons location: employees

According to Taco Bell employees at various locations, the Taco Bell at 6660 Manchester Avenue, is moving into the former Tim Hortons location in Maplewood, at 2721 S. Big Bend Boulevard.

One, at the 6660 Manchester Avenue location, said it will happen around November 2018.

The Tim Hortons closed its doors in December, along with all other St. Louis locations of the franchise.

The Maplewood Tim Hortons closed its doors in December 2017.

41 thoughts on “Taco Bell taking over former Maplewood Tim Hortons location: employees

  1. If I were still in high school I’d be thrilled about chili cheese burritos being in my neighborhood. But now, the more that stretch multiplies with chains, the more I want to spend my money with people who care more about contributing to the community. It’s great to spend money in a way that doesn’t perpetuate the skim-some-off-the-top-to-get-super-rich huge corporate model, and I CAN AND I DO, which is part of why Maplewood is so great!

  2. This is obviously a tactic by Big Toilet Paper to gain a foothold in the Chicken District. Wake up and follow the $$$$$!

    • Yes. They will need to get a variance to put up a non-conforming restaurant in the Chicken District of Maplewood. Yuk Brands has deep pockets and we may be in for protracted legal battle here…

    • Lori, ever been to Living Room? Foundation Grounds? La Cosecha? Stone Spiral? Great places for coffee in Maplewood!

      • Excellent point, Doug. I want the coffee houses to stay in business. My Starbucks gift card remains unused even though I teach cello a few steps away from one once a week.

  3. Literally anything is better than a Tim Hortons. Also, I love Taco Bell. This will be bad for my waistline.

  4. Some chain place was going to go in here: it was just a question of who.

    Would have preferred a Starbucks.

    • If anything it’s a good sign about Maplewood that this spot is being taken so quickly.

    • I thought Starbucks would snap it up given the size of the building and the drive thru. I feel bad for the neighbors given that Taco Bells are open late and get more business late than a coffee or donut place would.

  5. To all the haters of Taco Bell
    Going in you have to remember that this location is zoned for it just like the maplewood wash house. We should be thankful we have business about and not empty storefronts. You do not have to spend your money at either place.

  6. I thought this was a possibility. That Dogtown location is about the only one in the metro area remaining with the late 1980s colors/theme.

    Didn’t Taco Bell try to go into the old Sports Page spot on Manchester?

  7. If rather Manchester stay there and TB open in Maplewood too! Need another location!

  8. Came here to see how fast the hate from the Maplewood loons would show up. Was not disappointed. Did anyone really think it would be something other than a fast food chain?

    • Thank you for pointing out how you’re better than the rest of us. Please allow me to bow down to you.

  9. Great News.. if ya don’t like it don’t go.. feel sad about the Tim Horton’s franchisee, they changed the lease agreement after he opened, I’m sure it will be a contacted legal fight for years.. me I’m eating a Supreme Taco

  10. Taco Bell is fantastic. It’s no Tim Hortons, although the Maplewood Tim Hortons was very poorly operated from my experience.
    I personally prefer the current location in Manchester, but it’s a great building and it’s better than being empty.

    • Agree…better than remaining empty. Since I try eat more healthy in my older age, it’s not a place I will frequent, But then again, I may splurge and eat a taco from there occasionally. I ate there “back in the day”….when I didn’t care if what I ate was good for me… or not.

      • Take a look at their menu. They’ve got some trash, but they also have some of the healthiest fat for options as well. Just need to know where to look.

  11. This is absolutely horrible. Is there anyway we can fight this? That worse than a mcdonalds going in there. Ugh.

    • I agree!!! Why is it that the city NEVER gets resident input!?!?! The laundry mat and all the damn perfumes that people put in their detergent and fabric softeners, which in my opinion is poison, has my sinuses totally jacked up. Even my dog is affected!!

      • I believe the city has hearings and there is input….all you have to do is keep up on the Maplewood Council Meetings and go to speak one’s mind

      • This is private property-its not owned by the city. As long as zoning guidelines are met, the property owner may lease the space to any business it chooses. Unless there is a zoning conflict, the city couldn’t block it even if it wanted to—and therefore, have no basis or reason to solicit resident feedback.

    • You are right. It’s probably better if the building sits empty and gradually deteriorates so it can look like an eyesore.

  12. Disgusting. TB is not food. It’s garbage that stupid people put in their mouths.

    • Yes haw. Can’t wait to get my pie hole filled up with that that stoopid people fud.