Helping Victims of Domestic Abuse and their Pets

Victims of domestic abuse are often left to wonder what to do with pets when they leave their abuser. Escaping an abusive home is a brave but stressful and difficult decision. It is enough for a woman to worry about getting herself and children to safety; to have to consider pets’ safety, too, can make the move overwhelming. In fact, several studies show that somewhere between 25-40% of women delay their departure or stay with their abuser all together because they worry about what will happen to their pets when they go. We have long known a behavioral link exists between animal abuse and human abuse: violent behavior toward animals often acts as a precursor to violence against people.

8 Great Reasons to Adopt An Older Pet

This Valentine’s Day, consider opening your heart to an older pet. Older pets make excellent companions, and are often better suited to busy lifestyles than their puppy and kitten counterparts. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider adopting an older pet. 1. No surprises

When you meet a puppy or kitten, you can guess what they will be like as adults, but you can’t know for sure.

APA Receives $15,000 Grant for Its Pet Transfer Program

The Petfinder Foundation shows support for the APA’s innovative adoption program. The APA’s Pet Transfer Program began very simply: the APA had extra kennel space available for dogs, so we called around to see if anyone needed a little help easing overcrowding at their shelters. As it turned out, several agencies did. When we saw how quickly the transfer pets were adopted, we knew we could do more. In January, staff members decided to aim for 300 animals transferred in during 2014.

APA Lobby Open and Ready for Business

In time for the rush of holiday adoptions, the APA’s remodeled front lobby is open and receiving visitors. After a lot of work and a little patience, the APA has reopened its front doors and is ready to help homeless pets find forever families this holiday season. Since March, the APA has been under construction, working to build new visiting rooms for adopters, giving the education department its own room to teach classes, and adding much-needed office space and a meeting area. The results are terrific. 18-foot ceilings greet you at the entrance of the Adoption Center.

Thanksgiving Dos and Don’ts from the APA

The smells of Thanksgiving will be in many houses this Thursday, and people aren’t the only ones to find those savory scents irresistible. Pets are also looking to partake in the festive holiday feast, but many foods may not be the best idea to feed Fido. Follow these tips for keeping the holiday healthy and happy for everyone, including furry friends. Foods for sharing

Cooked pumpkin and sweet potato – Seasonal squash is often included in many canned dog foods and dog biscuits. It’s nutritious and delicious!

Cold Weather Pet Tips from the APA

Snowflakes are a sure sign that winter is on its way. It’s a good time to remember that, even with their fur coats, pets are susceptible to cold weather woes, too. Keep your four-legged friends safe and warm this winter with these tips. Bring in all pets when temperatures drop below 32°. Frostbite is a real threat to an animal exposed to harsh, cold weather.

St. Louis-themed Halloween Pet Costumes

If you’re giving your pets a little flair this holiday, why not have some hometown pride, too? Here are 6 costume ideas for dressing up your pets in St. Louis style. Pizza Pup
St. Louis-style pizza may not be for everyone, but we locals love our Provel pies!

Q&A with Jennifer Blome

It’s been six months since Jennifer Blome left her desk at NewsChannel 5 to become the Director of Humane Education at the APA. She sat down to talk about her new line of work and how life has changed since leaving the morning newscast. Why did you leave broadcast journalism to join the APA? The APA has always had a special place in my heart because of its neighborhood feel. I have enjoyed working at the Canine Carnival over the years.

APA’s Canine Carnival Is Coming Back to Town

Be a part of the carnival where the dogs play the games and win the prizes! What: APA’s Canine Carnival

Where: Tilles Park (9551 Litzsinger Road)

When: Sunday, October 5 from 11 am – 3 pm. Cost: Donations to the APA are encouraged upon entrance. The 24th Annual Canine Carnival is coming up on Sunday, October 5! Bring your pooches and join the APA for a day packed with dog games, prizes, adoptable pets, kids’ activities, vendor booths, food trucks, beer and more!

APA Celebrates Its Own STL 250

Last December, the APA embarked on an ambitious project to help reduce euthanasia in our area by transferring pets to our own Adoption Center. When the APA started the Pet Transfer Program last December, we knew there was a need for greater collaboration among the various types of animal welfare groups: government (animal control), private shelters (such as the APA), and smaller rescue groups that operate primarily on a foster-based system. However, we also understood that with these groups come different philosophies regarding animal welfare. Sometimes these differing viewpoints butt heads, and that can make collaboration tricky. Nonetheless, we believed that the objectives of the Pet Transfer Program – alleviating overcrowding at area animal control agencies and offering rescue groups a place for their animals when foster homes are filled – would show that the program’s end result was something on which we could all agree: saving companion animals’ lives.

Vote No on Amendment 1

Enshrining ambiguous language into the Missouri constitution opens the door to lawsuits challenging important animal welfare laws. The so-called “Right to Farm” amendment does nothing to protect Missouri’s family farms, but it does create legal grounds to protect puppy mills. Under the guise of protecting Missouri farms, in its original form, the upcoming Amendment 1 would have barred local health department from conducting animal health and safety inspections at commercial breeding facilities and prevented Missouri citizens from voting on future initiatives involving animals. Thankfully, advocacy groups, such as the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation, have been successful in watering down the most harmful elements in the bill. As it currently stands, Amendment 1 only ensures Missourians the right to do something they have been doing for centuries: farming.

4th of July Pet Safety Tips from the APA

Our shelter sees a huge influx of stray animals after the holiday. Keep your pet safe and sound with these tips. Animals are often terrified by the sights and sounds of fireworks displays and neighborhood celebrations. Imagine it from their perspective: it’s a warm summer day, turning into a quiet lazy evening. Suddenly, the sky lights up and is filled with loud crackles and shrieking whistles. “July 5 is one of our busiest days of the year.

Bringing Your Pet to Work Isn’t Just Fun, It’s Healthful

Inviting pets to tag along to the job brings a whole host of benefits to both employees and their companies. Tomorrow is the Take Your Dog To Work Day, a great chance for offices to open their doors to our beloved four-legged family members. Although Take Your Dog to Work Day occurs just once a year, more companies are recognizing the perks of having pets in the workplace and offering employees the option of working alongside their faithful companions. Companies such as St. Louis’ own Purina and Build-A-Bear, along with Amazon, Google and Ben & Jerry’s all allow furry friends to accompany their pet parent during their 9-5.

APA Toasts to Tabbies in 12 Bars of Clayton

The biggest pub crawl in St. Louis draws thousands of summer time revelers every June, and this year the APA is part of the party!  




12 bars, 4 charities, 1 heck of a party. On June 28, merrymakers will hop on trolleys and tootle around the best bars of Clayton for a day of fun with a philanthropic twist- helping local nonprofits. Participants  pick their charity of choice and join the afternoon soiree as a member of that nonprofit’s “team.”

Patches: An Unlikely Hero

Once a Lonely Hearts Club member at the APA, Patches is now in training to perform lifesaving work. Those who don’t know Patches don’t notice his insatiable appetite for toys. They don’t know how, every day on his walk, Patches raced out to the toy box in the dog park to pick out his own stuffed animal or ball, or both, if he could fit them in his mouth. They haven’t heard how we bent the “outside only” toy rule for Patches so that he could carry his all the way back to the kennels before releasing it. They do, however, notice his ears.

Springtime Pet Allergies

Perhaps you’ve noticed that Spike is scratching at himself a little more than usual. Maybe Kitty has runny eyes or is suddenly quite sneezy. People aren’t the only creatures who suffer from allergies, especially in the warmer weather. Here are some tips to help alleviate your pet’s springtime symptoms.

Mold, pollen, grass, dust and flea bites are all common irritants to a pet’s immune system. Those jogs around the park and even spring cleaning can trigger allergic responses.

APA’s Fast and the Furriest Runs Again!

Back again for its 6th year, the Fast and the Furriest, on Sunday, is one of the most anticipated 5K races around! Every April, more than 500 people and their pups pack Tower Grove Park for a morning of fast-paced fun that raises money for homeless pets. The Fast and the Furriest 5K Run and 1-Mile Walk offers participants both a professionally-timed race as well as the opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the beautiful park. This year, the APA’s new Director of Education, longtime KSDK anchor Jennifer Blome, will lead the 1-Mile Walk and head up the children’s activity area. More than a dozen vendor booths, including Sports Authority, New Balance and Kennelwood, will be on site offering visitors a variety of goods and services, and Destination Desserts food truck will be satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth.

Give STL Day: Serving the whole community

The APA is excited to announce that on Tuesday, May 6, we will take part in the very first Give STL Day. This locally-focused online giving event partners more than 500 area nonprofits with the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation to rally our community’s donors for one day in order to raise significant funds for local needs. Other cities around the country have raised millions of dollars in the past several years through their own giving days, and this year St. Louis will join dozens of partner cities in providing essential support to local charitable organizations, like the APA. Many community businesses and philanthropists have lined up to support the effort, and, throughout the day, there will be “Power Hours” offering matching gifts, $500 drawings and a $5000 bonus for the organization with the most donors participating.

APA a Finalist in 12 Bars of Clayton

Twice a year, thousands of people from around the St. Louis area give $25 in honor of their favorite charity, and, in return, take a tour of tipples through 12 bars of Clayton. The pub crawl, known by its enthusiastic patrons as 12BOC, has become a wildly popular way to party with friends while helping local nonprofit organizations. It’s also a big fundraiser for the charities involved. Last December, Hope for Young Adults with Cancer raised over $12,000 for their clients!