MRH science teacher researches on NOAA ship: his blog

Maplewood Richmond Heights seventh grade science teacher Bill Henske is aboard the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) research ship Nancy Foster for 15 days as part of the Teacher at Sea program. Henske left Key West on Sunday and is helping a team of NOAA scientists map coral reefs and research fish populations with other science teachers. He’s is blogging about the experience through the NOAA website. From Henske’s blog on June 16:
“You may have heard the saying there’s more than one fish in the sea. While certainly this is true, the aphorism does little to describe the condition of the sea.

NOAA Ship Nancy Foster

MRH teacher to ship aboard NOAA research vessel

Maplewood Richmond Heights seventh grade science teacher Bill Henske has been selected for the Teacher at Sea program to spend 15 days aboard the NOAA research Ship Nancy Foster with a team of science teachers from around the country and a crew of NOAA scientists. The ship leaves Key West on Sunday. He said they’ll be doing fisheries research and mapping coral reefs beginning at the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. “We’ll travel from there all the way to the Dry Tortugas, which is at the very end of the keys,” he said. “And then we’ll turn around and go the other way up along the keys to past Miami and then take out in Charleston, South Carolina.”

He said his classes do a lot with water sheds and water quality in Missouri, and locally in Deer Creek, so his experience will be applicable to the classroom at MRH.