Brentwood, MRH superintendents were paid more 10 years ago

The superintendents for both Brentwood and Maplewood Richmond Heights school districts were paid less in 2013-2014 than the superintendents for those districts 10 years earlier, according to STL Today. Brentwood superintendent David Faulkner made $150,000 in 2013-14; the superintendent in 2003-04 made $176,279. MRH superintendent Karen Hall made $164,800 last year; the position 10 years earlier was paid $165,325. Nearby, the Clayton School District superintendent was paid $215,000 in 2013-14 and the Webster Groves superintendent made $200,000. The highest-paid superintendent is at Fox C-6, who made $260,598 in 2014.

Brentwood school clerk catches scam

A Brentwood School District clerk spotted improper charges made to the district when a former sales representative of a Mehlville area cellphone retailer secretly ordered smartphones in the name of customers, including the Brentwood School District, then sold the phones, according to STL Today. April R. Rose, 39, of House Springs, fraudulently ordered about 200 phones Assistant U.S. Attorney John Bodenhausen said in court on Thursday. Because the charges were noticed by the clerk, there was no loss to Brentwood schools. Read the full story in STL Today.

Brentwood Board of Education member lists accomplishments, wants, as he steps down (in April)

Dan Williams didn’t file for a second term after serving on the Brentwood School District Board of Education. (Read 3 run for 3 Brentwood Board of Education seats, with juggling). 40 South News asked Williams if he had any comments as he steps down, and he responded by email with this:

I want to thank all of the voters and Brentwood families that put their trust in me to represent them on the Brentwood School Board. I gave 110 percent and enjoyed my time on the board. My time on the board represented lots of positive change for Brentwood.