Manhassett Village in Brentwood School District superintendent says

Originally published April 17, 2014: The Manhassett Village apartment development (now called EVO), to be built north of Brentwood Forest, lies in the city of Richmond Heights but is in the Brentwood School District, according to Brentwood Superintendent of Schools David Faulkner. The first two phases of construction include 321 units to be completed by 2016. Faulkner said comparing the proposed development to current housing gives an estimate of the potential student population. He said several students live in Brentwood Forest, but most come from single-family housing. See also: EVO breaks ground in Richmond Heights

He also said the new apartments and condos at Hanley Station appear to be comparable to Manhassett Village, and only a few students live there.

Brentwood school clerk that caught $5,000 iPhone bill: superintendent

Brentwood school officials didn’t know a suspect had been charged, after they had cleared up and been reimbursed for almost $5,000 for iPhones improperly charged to the district. A former sales representative of a Mehlville area cellphone retailer had secretly ordered the iPhones in the name of customers, including the Brentwood School District, then sold the phones. She was charged on Thursday. Brentwood Superintendent of Schools David Faulkner has shared the rest of the story, not including the name of the school district employee who caught the error. In October 2012, we cancelled our Sprint/Nextel service so that we could save money by switching from cell phones to handheld radios.

Projection: Brentwood schools to receive $52,000 in taxes in new complex’s 1st year

The Brentwood School District will not receive less tax dollars than it is currently getting on undeveloped land where Manhassett Village apartment complex is to be built, according to superintendent, David Faulkner. Manhassett Village is an approximately 800-unit apartment complex to be built between the years 2015 – 2022 north of Brentwood Forest. A complex on the same site with the same name previously existed. Draper & Kramer, Inc., of Chicago, has owned the property since 1939. Subscribe to the 40 South News daily newsletter.

Gun at Brentwood HS last week; letter went home Thursday

Brentwood schools superintendent, David Faulkner said in a letter home to parents on Thursday that a student apparently had a gun at the high school one evening last week and Brentwood Police and school officials were investigating the report, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. School administrators called the police on Wednesday when they learned of the incident. The Post-Dispatch said school officials wouldn’t comment on any disciplinary action, but others “can be assured that the discipline policies of the Brentwood Board of Education will be applied firmly and appropriately.” Read the full report in the St.

No policy to cancel school for cold in Brentwood; superintendents chat before decision is made

Brentwood Superintendent of Schools David Faulkner is well aware that the first day of school for 2014 coincides with predicted below-zero temperatures Sunday night and a high in low single digits on Monday. Faulkner said there’s no policy on how cold it should be before school is called off, “but I think with the combination of the snow coming on Sunday and the cold weather, the safe answer is, we’ll look at the total conditions and decide Sunday night what’s the best decision for the kids,” he said. He said about 20 percent of Brentwood students wait at bus stops in St. Louis and also a significant number of kids walk from across Brentwood Boulevard. “So if it is as cold as (they say it will be), we’ll consider all of those factors,” he said.