MRH board president responds to transfer student issue

Maplewood Richmond Heights voters will decide three open seats on the MRH School Board in April. Incumbents, Francis Chmelir and Maria Langston, and Katie Kaufmann and Dan O’Sullivan are running. A 40 South News reader with a student at Maplewood Richmond Heights Elementary asked if the candidates had been asked their views on allowing transfer students into the district. MRH is facing a large influx of students from people moving here for the schools, as well as additional students transferring from unaccredited districts. The reader said his daughter is in one of the larger classes, and is concerned that too many transfer students could be harmful.

Maria Langston: on MRH board since 2008, runs for another term

Maplewood Richmond Heights school district residents will vote to fill three board of education seats seats in the April election. 40 South News previously reported on sit-downs with candidate Katie Kaufmann, running for the first time, and incumbent Francis Chmelir. Dan O’Sullivan is also running, though he hasn’t responded to a request for an interview. Incumbent Maria Langston spoke with 40 South News the same time as Chmelir. This will focus on Langston’s views.

MRH school board candidate Kaufmann: taught, now in business world

In April, Maplewood Richmond Heights School District voters will decide which three of four candidates will claim seats on the MRH Board of Education. Maria Langston, Francis Chmelir and Julie Pole’s terms expire in April. Pole has added career responsibilities and decided not to run. Katie Kaufmann and Daniel F. O’Sullivan, Jr. filed, along with incumbents Langston and Chmelir. 40 South News sat down with candidate Katie Kaufmann at Stone Spiral Coffee last week.

MRH faces problems of being a ‘destination district’

Maplewood Richmond Heights School District has become a destination district, superintendent Karen Hall said Wednesday night in a town hall meeting at the high school. Waves of larger and larger classes are forcing the administration to figure out where they’ll all go. Around a dozen MRH parents heard board members, principals and teachers talk about the problem, then the parents asked questions and suggested solutions. Similar meetings have been held at the early childhood center and the elementary school. Board president Francis Chmelir said the board has brought in architects and designers to look at long and short-term solutions.

4 to run for 3 MRH Board of Education seats in April

Two out of three members of the Maplewood Richmond Heights School District Board of Education whose seats expire in April filed to run for another term. Maria Langston, Francis Chmelir and Julie Pole’s terms expire in April. Langston and Chmelir filed to run, but Pole did not. In addition, non-incumbents Kathryn Kaufmann and Daniel F. O’Sullivan, Jr. filed, so an election will be held of the four who filed for the three seats. Chmelir was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2011 and ran once to complete a full term.