Surfboard fitness; MRH and grand jury decision at top last week

A fitness studio that uses a surfboard, and MRH deciding how to handle the Michael Brown grand jury announcement were the top spots last week. Brentwood businesses Fort Taco (opening) and Joy Luck (reopening) made the top 10 also. Surfboard-inspired fitness studio coming to Brentwood
MRH: schedules could change following grand jury decision
November 18 local real estate listings in Zillow
Joy Luck aims for next week
MRH cancels weekend events, including basketball games
Maplewood ice cream to face off with Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Brentwood officials approve $5 million Rec Center renovation financing
Fort Taco opens in Brentwood
Barb Summers: almost 50 years in Maplewood real estate
Maplewood History: First in the Midwest…Drive In Banking

Robert McCulloch: no information, evidence released/leaked by grand jury

St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert P. McCulloch released a statement Thursday regarding reporting Grand Jury leaks on the shooting of Michael Brown. Recently several concerns have been raised about information being “leaked” from the grand jury. First, no information or evidence has been released by the grand jury. A tweet several weeks ago claimed the author talked to a friend who is serving on the GJ about the case.

Walmart Ferguson protesters top post of the week

Walmart showed up twice in the top 10 posts of the week, first when Ferguson October protesters came on Monday, and later when the store took all ammo off the shelves. Tim Hortons considerations and a Maplewood ribbon cutting were in the top five too. Michael Brown protesters target Maplewood Walmart
Maplewood officials talk Tim Hortons hours, traffic
Maplewood Walmart removes ammunition
Joint ribbon cutting on Sutton
Maplewood educator, businessperson, citizen awarded
Esquire Theatre reopens: power recliners throughout
Man videos up woman’s dress at Whole Foods: police
MRH board member resigns
October 14 Zillow listings for Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights
Maplewood History: Scheidt Hardware’s Roger. Over and Out.

Maplewood Walmart removes ammunition

Following the protest by about a hundred Monday at the Maplewood Walmart, all ammunition has been taken off the shelves. Nine protesters were charged with trespassing and arrested by Maplewood Police when they entered the store and refused to leave. A sporting goods department employee said it was a “safety precaution, after the incident Monday night.” See also: Michael Brown protesters target Maplewood Walmart

He said all the boxes were dumped into carts and will need to be sorted before going back onto shelves, and he hasn’t been told to do that yet.

Michael Brown protesters target Maplewood Walmart

Monday evening Michael Brown protesters entered the Maplewood Walmart and gathered at the back of the store chanting “What do we want…justice now” Fox2 News reported. Maplewood Police escorted the protesters out of the store, which was then closed. About a hundred protesters continued to chant for about an hour out side the store, until after 9 p.m. The protesters were targeting 24-hour Walmarts, and are planning to boycott the Ferguson Walmart for two days in October. One protester, Hezekiah McCaskill, an undergraduate student at Webster University, said he was there “representing equality and peace and justice.” “We decided to protest at local Walmart locations because of the tragedy that happened with John Crawford, where he was fatally shot in a Walmart (on Aug.