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Let Them Eat Art, restaurants, in the news

Maplewood’s upcoming “Let Them Eat Art” event, and several of its restaurants have been featured in the media lately. The 10th annual “Let Them Eat Art,” featuring 32 Maplewood businesses, is Friday — it’s been previewed around town:

St. Louis Magazine included Let Them Eat Art in a list of the top 10 things to do in July. It’s Friday, July 10. St.

Taste of Maplewood street festival is Saturday

The Taste of Maplewood street festival, now in its seventh year, on Saturday from 12 to 9 p.m. will bring together folks to enjoy the food, sights and sounds of Maplewood.Live entertainment will be presented on two stages, including performances by Spin the Bottle, Old Salt Union, St. Louis Teen Talent Showcase produced by the Fox Performing Arts Foundation, Focal Point Acoustic Jam, and more. Maplewood’s Amber Sky Photography, Boogaloo, Great Harvest Bakery, Kakao Chocolate, LaCosecha Coffee Roasters, Larder & Cupboard, Mystic Valley, Pie Oh My, Schlafly Beer, The Crow’s Nest, The Post Sports Bar & Grill, Tiny Little Monster, The Cue, Strange Donuts, Traveling Tea, Vom Fass, The Wood, and Water Street are some of the businesses that will be there. In “The Best of the Taste of Maplewood” food and drink contest, vendors will battle to be the “Best Of” judged by celebrity judges, including Catherine Neville of Feast Magazine, George Mahe of St. Louis Magazine, and Lern from KSHE95.

The week’s top 10: new mayor, restaurant fails, McDonald’s returns

An article on the Brentwood mayoral race led the week. Maplewood restaurant news, a Richmond Heights tax, and Proposition K finished the top five. This week was the second-busiest ever for 40 South News. (The busiest was when Strange Donuts announced a plan to buy the Rams.)

Chris Thornton wins Brentwood mayor race
Restaurant deal falls through, space is available
McDonald’s to return, new homes could be built: Maplewood Plan and Zoning
Richmond Heights Council questions, but OKs, $600,000 savings on new building
Voters approve Proposition K for a new MRH preschool
Unopened Maplewood restaurant seeks funding
Gus’s Fried Chicken, Robata plan additions: design and review agenda
Too many area farmers markets — ‘too much of a good thing’
Please don’t abandon Easter ducklings, goslings, chicks
Metro Lighting wins national recognition

A year ago: Snow shuts down much of Maplewood

Our dry New Year’s this year doesn’t compare with last year’s 11 inches of snow that shut everything down for a few days. Happy New Year, everyone! Not many ventured out in the blowing snow Sunday morning. By 11 a.m. more than six inches had fallen. It was even too wintery for sledders at Ryan Hummert Park.

Wednesday proclaimed Roger McCreight Day

Roger McCreight, Scheidt Hardware employee for 40 years, was celebrated Wednesday on his last day on the job. Friends visited all day long, as the table normally used for screen repair was covered with food from The Piccadilly, Jimmy John’s, Strange Donuts and Great Harvest. Near closing time Mayor Jim White proclaimed it Roger McCreight Day and gave Roger the key to the city. See also: Maplewood History: Scheidt Hardware’s Roger. Over and Out., Roger to retire from Scheidt Hardware in Maplewood

Roger said his plans for the future included eating, sleeping and playing golf.

Two area coffee shops in RFT poll

The Riverfront Times is looking for the most underrated coffee shop in St. Louis, and two of the of the top four nominated shops are in Maplewood. La Cosecha Coffee Roasters (7360 Manchester Road) and Stone Spiral Coffee and Curios (2500 Sutton Boulevard) are on the RFT ballot. Stone Spiral has lots of room to relax or read a book from the free lending library, or take a break in Ryan Hummert Park, across the street. La Cosecha shares a space with Great Harvest Bakery, so you can get something fresh-baked and whole grain with your drink.

Chick-fil-A, Tim Hortons, retirement from Scheidt in top 10 posts

Chick-fil-A coming to Brentwood and Tim Hortons to Maplewood have been the leading stories for two weeks. Roger McCreight’s retirement from Scheidt Hardware took third this week. Lucky’s Market coming to Rock Hill was fourth. Chick-fil-A to replace Macaroni Grill: Brentwood mayor
Maplewood’s Tim Hortons: what’s proposed
Roger to retire from Scheidt Hardware in Maplewood
Lucky’s Market site prepared
Railroad representative: remove steps, rope off tracks by park
September 30 Zillow listings for Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights
Kelly coffee: Chik-fil-A, speeding on Rosalie, running for re-election (?)
Brentwood police chief to meet with residents about speeding
Chick-fil-A to go to planning and zoning
Strange Donuts: no worries about Tim Hortons


Strange Donuts: no worries about Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons announced last week its first St. Louis location will be in Maplewood, about a block away from the now well-known locally owned shop, Strange Donuts (2709 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood). Is the Strange crew worried about the multi-national corporation moving to town? No, co-owner Jason Brockman told the St. Louis Business Journal.

Strange Donuts sidewalk concert

Strange Donuts (2709 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood) continued its Summer Concert Series Friday night on the sidewalk outside the shop with Blackwell—acoustic guitars and vocals. Inside, The Haze of Thunder donut (hazelnut & cookie crumbles) was the star. http://youtu.be/86tZZeaJshY

Donut bakers, architect collaborate in Maplewood

Strange Donuts (2709 Sutton Boulevard) co-owners Corey Smale and Jason Bockman wanted to liven up their shop front after being open six months, and went to architect Barry Greenberg, who’s office, Architectural Design Guild, is just across the street from the donut shop. Greenberg said he took his inspiration from the painter Mondrian, who’s work was thought to be strange, at the time. http://youtu.be/9FMIdGzYv6o
Video directed, shot, and edited by Adam Russell for Future Machine Creative.

Media mentions: March 14-21, mostly restaurants

Brentwood and Maplewood were covered by local television stations and various online and traditional media outlets this week. Here’s what 40 South News came across. Brentwood in the news:

St. Louis Business Journal reports on the Einstein Bros. Bagels to open in Brentwood.

Strange Donuts announces plans for 2nd location, redesigned Maplewood store

Maplewood’s Strange Donuts has announced plans for a second location, though co-owner Cory Smale isn’t saying yet where that is, according to the Riverfront Times. “There’s going to be another Strange Donuts and it’ll be here pretty soon,” Smale told the RFT, “We’re super close to having final revisions of what we have to sign, so I don’t want to say.” Smale told the Riverfront Times that Strange Donuts’ collaborations with St. Louis restaurants has done a lot of them. He said last weekend’s, with Bogart’s has been the biggest ever.

Brentwood, Maplewood in the news: Feb. 1-7

Brentwood and Maplewood were covered by local television stations and various online and traditional media outlets this week. Here’s what 40 South News came across. Brentwood in the news:

Riverfront Times named Mai Lee as one of the seven best Vietnamese restaurants in St. Louis. Senior, Will Erby was the STL Today Athlete of the Week.

Hundreds come to first Maplewood Sweet Tooth Tour

Close to 400 sugar-lovers tasted sweet things from Kakao Chocolate on Manchester Road to Encore Baking on Sutton Boulevard in the first annual Maplewood Sweet Tooth Tour Saturday afternoon. Coming up next is the Maplewood Coffee Crawl on Saturday, April 5. Last year a thousand coffee drinkers came. The event may not be free this year, so if tickets are sold, don’t wait to buy yours! http://youtu.be/iEx65Uo3l8s

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Maplewood event

Next Saturday from noon to 5 p.m., along just a few blocks of Manchester Road and Sutton Boulevard, nine Maplewood businesses will offer their artisan cookies, donuts, pies, cupcakes, tea, specialty drinks, chocolate and more in a special event. The Maplewood Sweet Tooth Tour will include Kakao Chocolate, Foundation Grounds, Vom Fass, Great Harvest Bakery, La Cosecha Coffee Roasters, Traveling Tea, Strange Donuts, Pie Oh My, and Encore Baking Co. Rachelle L’ecuyer, Maplewood director of community development, visited the Fox2 studio to tell all about it. Find out more and buy tickets online.  

Maplewood businesses (7 of them!) in the news

Maplewood merchants just seem to attract media attention. Candles, donuts, pizza, chocolate, pie and beer are in the news recently. Flying Tiger’s Eric Bess talked with Fox2’s Tim Ezell about the Tiger’s motorcycle-themed scented candles — Open Road and Two Stroke Smoke. The above candles, with the nice tight shot on Fox2, are made by Maven. With Cryptocurrency Prices continuing to soar across the board, Strange Donuts will soon accept digital payments Bitcoin and Dogecoin, the St.

Strange Donuts packs protein into a doughnut, produces a commercial

Maplewood’s Strange Donuts, open a bit more than three months, keeps pushing the doughnut envelope. Just introduced, Pronut TheDonut follows other strangely-named but now well known doughnuts such as Dirty Worms, Campfire and Fat Steve. Pronut TheDonut boasts 20-plus grams of protein, according to Strange Donut’s Facebook page. They say a video game is in the works. http://youtu.be/qICxHa6AwJU
It was a typical crowd Thursday night when Pronut TheDonut was introduced at Strange Donuts.

Maplewood attracts new businesses with special loan

While many businesses were struggling in 2007, the Maplewood Special Business District, led by Rachelle L’Ecuyer, director of community development for the City of Maplewood, decided to do something to jump start a Maplewood comeback, according to Feast Magazine. “We started looking at what types of businesses are contributing to the community, what types of businesses are growing, what we can do to help them and what we can do to encourage them to come to Maplewood,” L’Ecuyer told Feast. “So we developed some programs to recruit them.”

L’Ecuyer instituted a loan that covers a business’ first few months of rent – up to $4,250. Also, if a business stays in Maplewood for at least five years, the loan will be forgiven, according to Feast. “It helps them stabilize, so they can take the money that they would be paying in rent and put it into marketing or something else,” L’Ecuyer told Feast.

Strange Donuts adds daily bicycle delivery

It’s now possible to get your Strange Donut fix without making the trip to Maplewood (if you really want to do that). Maplewood’s doughnut shop now offers delivery
throughout St. Louis city and parts of the county through Dovelo bicycle delivery. Strange’s Corey Smale said customers had asked about delivery, and they chose Dovelo because it’s cheaper than other delivery methods and “really fast.” Smale said they delivered four dozen in an hour recently. “We’re in Maplewood, which is kind of central to a lot of stuff,” Smale said.