Maplewood bookstore wins mystery writers award

The St. Louis chapter of Sisters in Crime has announced that The Book House, of Maplewood, MO, has been awarded $250 from Sisters in Crime as part of their “We Love Bookstores” initiative. Members of the St. Louis chapter of Sisters in Crime will be on hand when the bookstore receives its check for $250 to be used in the promotion of books. The presentation will be held on July 29 at the St.

Maplewood business shares sales once a month, in June it’s Book House

La Cosecha Coffee Roasters (7352 Manchester Road) has started donating 50 percent of its sales to a need in the community on the third Tuesday of every month. They call it Share the Harvest. This month, The Book House will benefit. The program started in May with a donation to the Freedom Arts & Education Center, an inner city youth arts program. In June, The Book House—a Maplewood business raising money to cover debts from its move to the city, or will be forced to close—will be the recipient.

Lemonade stand raises $1,700 to save Maplewood business

A handful Maplewood kids found out Thursday that they can really make a difference. The Book House moved to Maplewood (7352 Manchester Road) about a year and a half ago, and is trying to pay off debts incurred in the buildout of their new space, which previously sat vacant for 20 years. They started a crowd sourcing campaign to raise $10,000, which they say will allow them to pay the debts, or they’ll be forced to close at the end of June. See also: The Book House: $10,000 needed by end of June to keep doors open

Two Maplewood moms, Anne Cummings and Kristen Smelser, thought maybe their kids could hold a lemonade stand to help out. Smelser said her kids were pumped.

The Book House: $10,000 needed by end of June to keep doors open

The Book House, a Maplewood book store that opened in December 2013, needs $10,000 by the end of June or it may be forced to close for legal reasons, according to the Indiegogo fundraising campaign it started on Thursday. Owner, Michelle Barron, says they’re “up against a hard deadline, and a cash flow crunch which could jeopardize everything we have worked so hard to create.”

After operating in Rock Hill for 30 years the store was force out when its location, a century-old home, was demolished for a new development. Barron moved to 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood. She says the move to the new location, which had been unoccupied for almost 20 years, incurred “enormous” costs to move and to meet building and fire code requirements at the new location. Barron says business has been great, but higher rent, a larger payroll, higher tax payments, initial orders with authors and publishers, taxes and construction costs have added up.

The Book House to celebrate Independent Bookstore Day on Saturday

On Saturday, May 2, the Maplewood book store, The Book House (7352 Manchester Road), will join five other, general-interest, locally owned shops in the first national Independent Bookstore Day. The Book House will celebrate from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. The store will offer signed copies by authors such as Chris Ware and David McCandless, and also Steven King broadside, The Book House owner, Michelle Barron said. See also: Stringfest, Citizens National Bank celebration is Friday

There will also be a rare books silent auction from 1-4 p.m., give-a-ways, an Improv Shop performance at 12, open mic from 2-4 p.m., and a book signing with Carol Klein, author of Painting for Peace. Saturday is the annual Free Comic Book Day, so stop at the Fantasy Shop (7238 Manchester Road) to chose a free comic book from approximately 15 to 20 different titles. More and more, people are supporting local bookstores, the St.

The Book House hosts hundreds as 7th-graders read poetry

For three hours Sunday afternoon, The Book House,  at 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood, hosted seventh-graders reading their own poems. They were some of about 8,700 students from 118 schools nationwide who submitted poems for the 7th Grade Poetry Contest. This is the event’s sixth year. The students who were published in the book, Poetry on Our Terms, winners in the St. Louis area, came to read their poems.

Michelle Barron, owner of The Book House said each seventh-grader came with family and teachers, so the store’s basement held almost a hundred most of the afternoon. She moved shelves of books to make it possible.

Kids drive ‘Road Trip’ at The Book House

Maplewood artist, Bill Perry made an accordion-fold book for his then three-year-old son sixteen years ago. A year ago he ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise more than $17,000 to publish it. Kids test-drove the book on Saturday. Saturday at The Book House (7352 Manchester Road), Perry hosted a ‘reading’ — really a ‘driving,’ because the book is an approximately 40-foot-long continuous road that starts at his house on the corner of Yale and Bruno avenues in Maplewood and finishes on a beach in Hawaii. It’s called Road Trip.

The Book House is gone from Rock Hill, not its sign

The Book House moved from 9719 Manchester Road, in Rock Hill, to 7352 Manchester Road in Maplewood more than a year ago—forced out by its landlord so a several-story concrete storage facility could fill the block—replacing the Victorian house the book store occupied—but the store’s pole sign survives. The book store’s owner, Michelle Barron, said it’s probably against Rock Hill sign code, but nobody has paid to remove it, so it stays. “It costs money to haul it off. I think it’s right on the border between Title Max and the new place. That’s always been a problem,” she said.

Wanda Kennedy Kuntz publishes book on Maplewood music store

Wanda Kennedy Kuntz, whose parents owned Kennedy Music for decades in Maplewood, has published a book about the store and the times. Kuntz is holding a book release and signing party at The Book House ( 7352 Manchester Road), Sunday December 7. 


Her book is Kennedy Music — An Historical Novel based on the Kennedy Family, Maplewood, MO. In Kennedy Music, Ray is a charismatic, hot-swing trumpet player who comes to
Maplewood and opens a music school and store at the height of the Great Depression, according to Kuntz. Mae is a demure, starstruck beauty 20 years his junior. Together they work to raise a family and keep their small business afloat as the world—and the music industry—changes around them.

Find Waldo in Maplewood businesses for prizes

Waldo, the children’s book character in the striped shirt and black-rimmed specs is hiding in 25 different Maplewood businesses during July. Look for the “Find Waldo Here!” sticker on doors around Maplewood. Pick up a Waldo Passport at The Book House (7352 Manchester Road) and find Waldo in at least 10 locations to receive prizes. Collect 20 or more passport signatures to be entered into the grand prize drawing to win gift certificates, books, and gift baskets from local businesses. Finding Waldo isn’t just for kids.

Maplewood business gives out boxes of books

This is a warning not be surprised if someone gives you a book on Wednesday. Wednesday evening is the third annual World Book Night, and The Book House in Maplewood is taking part. As the name implies, it’s an international event. Friday evening Book House employees handed out 25 to 30 boxes of new books to people who volunteered to be World Book Night givers. The books were donated by publishers and authors.

Maplewood book store owner also runs nonprofit for disabled

Used books dropped off at The Book House, in Maplewood, go to more than the bottom line. Michelle Barron, who opened the book store early this year, has three children. One of them is 28-year-old Kira, who has cerebral palsy from birth from a virus — she’s developmentally disabled, and language and physically impaired. She’s often at the store in the afternoon after working her job at a center for the disabled. Kira still lives with Barron.

The Book House opens its doors in Maplewood

The Book House is the newest business to open in Maplewood. The book store announced its opening Tuesday in its newsletter. “After months of waiting, hard work, and raising funds, we got inspections done and the okay from the City of Maplewood and our new location at 7352 Manchester Road, Maplewood MO 63143 is officially open for business!!!” the newsletter announced. The hours are Monday through Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m.

Owner Michelle Barron said they’ve shelved more than 150 boxes of books already, but the space is so large it’s hard to tell. Thousands more need to be shelved, and anyone interested in volunteering in the next couple weeks can call 314-968-4491, or just stop in.

The Book House looks to pass inspection, open doors possibly Monday

Within a little more than a week of the demolition of the Victorian house that was home to The Book House in Rock Hill, the new Book House should open its doors in Maplewood at 7352 Manchester Road. Owner Michelle Barron hopes to pass the building inspection as early as Monday afternoon and that’s when she’ll open for business. “It will be a soft, soft opening,” Barron said. She said there won’t be a lot of books on shelves when they first open, “but people can come look, they can dig through boxes, they can help put stuff up, but we will be able to have doors open.”

Barron hopes people come in to shop as soon as the doors open because bills for the renovation are due in a month. “We’re still not free and clear,” she said.

Maplewood history questions: answer here

Sunday, December 7, 1-3 p.m., Wanda Kennedy Kuntz is holding a book release and signing party at The Book House in Maplewood (7352 Manchester Road). Wanda has published a historical novel about her parents’ store, Kennedy Music, An Historical Novel based on the Kennedy Family, Maplewood MO. She is offering a free signed copy of her book to the first person to answer one of these questions about Maplewood’s past. To receive the book you need to include your name, and attend the book signing party on Dec. 7 at The Book House.

Book House owner uses Kickstarter, hopes to be open for Christmas Tree Walk

The owner of The Book Store, Michelle Barron, trying to open by Black Friday and the Maplewood Christmas Tree Walk, has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10,000. She said getting the old department store space, which hasn’t seen a tenant in almost 20 years, needs thousands of dollars of more work than she expected. “I will take a partner. I will take a financier. We have tried St.