What should replace The Dubliner?

The Dubliner has closed its doors permanently, due to the Covid-19 quarantine. What should take its place?

Some comments on Facebook have suggested it could be replaced by a family-friendly restaurant focused on the local residents.

Schlafly Corporation is the landlord. It’s 4,134 square feet, according to St. Louis County records. It was built in 1934.

31 thoughts on “What should replace The Dubliner?

    • Now this is funny. My father used to run a laundromat/dry cleaner out of that building. Started in the early 1970s

  1. I have long wondered what it is about that location that a business cannot go in there and last much longer than a year or two. Don’t know if it is the cost of rent is so high that they cannot make it, if it because it is off the Manchester strip by about a block, the food they serve, management, staff, other competition, etc. Seems a little strange that something comes in, folks seem to like it and then it is gone so soon.

  2. I’m thinking a strip club with three stages and a few poles. Maybe a VIP room where you can order food such as pizza and chicken. Let’s not forget a full service bar as well. There’s always a way to make EVERYONE happy!

  3. More fried chicken, obviously. Also, why is everyone down on pizza here. Where is there a legit pizza place in Maplewood? Tapped doesn’t count.

  4. A church! We all could use some more Jesus in our lives these days.

  5. I really like the space. It is a place that is conducive to people gathering and conversing. I think it should be a place with good reasonably priced food and a well stocked bar. We were planning on having our 55th reunion there. We did an event there for our 50th that had a great turn out and lots of fun. So sorry to see that the Dubliner had to close permanently.

  6. NO MORE PIZZA! Please, we have enough of that and need more ethnicity, but family friendly…agree with no bar, by order only. NO franchises unless they’re limited to St. Louis…
    BBQ great idea! Indian great idea! Mediterannean/Indian/Middle Eastern…garlic, pita, kebabs, curry, anything we don’t already have, but attractive to people on a budget and with menu items that appeal to kids…

  7. Neighborhood, Family friendly, home cooking mom&pop place. Caters to all ages. No bar. (By order only) Space to get together for healthy eating among couples to extended family. Flexible for variety sizes of groups. SO many want to have place to meet and eat!! Neighborhood cafe? Bites to plate lunch to full dinners. Themed days? e.g. Taco Tuesdays, mom’s spaghetti night, chicken dinner/ pot pie Sunday, Saturday build your burger, …eating out and making an event!! (Loved Forest Cafe for years on that block!)
    One of few restaurants with its own parking too!! In the middle of town.
    SUCH potential!!

  8. I concur (or favor curry) with Kristen. An Indian restaurant is sorely needed in Maplewood. Already plenty of pizza, BBQ, pubs, fried-comfort food joints around…Masala for all in the Tikka-wood hood!

  9. I feel it ought to be said – The Dubliner (and its forebearers like The Wood and The Muddled Pig) will be missed. They were a classy place. I didn’t frequent them as often as I wish I could’ve, but the owners were good people and the servers were great.

  10. I agree with a family-friendly place –with a variety of healthy comfort foods, wide range of choice.

  11. An Indian restaurant would be wonderful, but I would support any type of place.

  12. We need something that is established and ready to grow. We still need a dedicated pizza place or a bbq place would be lovely.