Toasty Subs to open this month

St. Louis Magazine recently quoted 40 South from 2014, where it was said that Toasty Subs, at 3001 S. Big Bend, “never opened and never will.” That was a year after the signs went up with no progress. St. Louis magazine now says,”never say never,” and that Toasty Subs will open soon.

According to the magazine, the owner’s wife had a health scare, which caused him to abandon Toasty Subs at the time. Now his wife is OK and they plan to open this month. The owner, Alex Liu, told St. Louis Magazine he’s always liked the 50-seat building, with its patio and drive-through.

Sub sandwiches will come in three sizes, and sushi (the sushi in a month or two). Alex’s wife, Lily, runs Sushi Kitchen, with clients such as BJC and the St. Louis Cardinals.


7 thoughts on “Toasty Subs to open this month

  1. I like subs but subs could be the reason why there are more cars and vans on the streets during rush hour in the a.m. Parents taking their children to school because the child is overweight and waddles like a duck and will be late and miss the final bell. Same thing on the round trip.

    • Or maybe parents feel the need to be more cautious these days because crime and inattentive drivers make it unsafe to walk.

  2. Another entrant to the already crowded sandwich shop market. Quiznos, Subway, Fozzies, Jimmie Johns, etc. I give them 6-9 months and they will be gone from this saturated market and the building will again be standing vacant…

  3. Glad to see something going in there. After the first advertised round with Toasty Subs went away I was hoping for a Naugle’s rebirth when the francise expands again next year.

  4. Glad to hear the lady is doing better, hopefully this will make that corner better looking than it is now