Conference track meet at Brentwood: updated with results, MRH wins

Brentwood hosted Maplewood Richmond Heights and others in the conference track meet on Monday. The results are still being tabulated. In the meantime, here’s a few items shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: The MRH boys and girls teams won the conference meet.

Boys team scores:

  1. MRH 180
  2. Brentwood 138
  3. Bayless 98
  4. Crossroads 58
  5. Valley Park 58

Girls team scores:

  1. MRH 124
  2. Crossroads 96
  3. Bayless 66
  4. Valley Park 28
  5. Brentwood 22

Zachary D Barton ran his first high school 100-meter race. His dad, David Barton shared this video of his running away victory.

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