Training family pets the right way

For most people, professional animal training is not necessarily a top priority of their time.  As long as the cat uses the litter box and the dog does not knock people over, manners and advanced skills are at a minimum.

In my job, however, I get called in when there are severe pet/people altercations, and people are at their wits’ ends, and the animals are in danger of loosing their home.

In my field, there is a growing number of people who claim to be “certified” consultants (no such thing exists) and sadly, Missouri still is a largely backward state using very out-dated, old fashioned punitive training techniques. Sadly, they do work, and even more sadly,  a popular TV personality who promotes such techniques is largely followed and copied.

The techniques “work” because they implode behaviour, but take away the punitive tools and techniques and you are left with nothing.  Don’t !!! call me a “Dog Whisperer” and DON’T poke your dog in front of me and hiss at it through your teeth!

Barbara Heidenreich is a world renowned lecturer and parrot trainer. Among her many jobs and lecture circuits are stints at Sea World and work at zoos around the world. I have had her come to St. Louis twice to lecture with events at the Gateway Parrot Club, and was honoured to have her come to my house and work with one of my rescued Umbrella Cockatoos from Whimmer, Minnesota. She not too long ago added a house rabbit to her menagerie, and is a very inspiring person to follow.

So even if you don’t aim to make your pet an Einstein Genius, at least browse and enjoy Barbara’s work, she is very inspirational.

Go pet your pet –

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