Trees removed, moved at BHS

A 40 South reader asked recently why a tree had been removed from the front lawn of Brentwood High School. Actually two trees have been removed from there in the past couple years.

A large post oak, once near the intersection of High School Drive and Bridgeport Avenue, near the auditorium, which had graced the BHS campus since the 1930s, expired in the fall of 2015 and was removed by a Davey Tree crew in the spring of 2016.

Another tree, a new swamp white oak that Davey Tree donated and planted several years ago also near the auditorium has been moved, according to Brentwood resident, Barry Williams. He said the school district is preparing to build a new loop driveway in front of the high school (“the 1927 building with the classical columned portico”), and the new oak tree was in its path so Williams arranged for Davey Tree to move it to another location on the BHS campus.

The oak tree that once grew on the Brentwood High School campus since the 1930s.

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