TV time for chickens

I used to have nine chickens, including a rooster, and two pet turkeys when I lived in the county, but I live in the city now and just have two chickens. 

Cuckoo, a Silkie/Serama/Cochin cross enjoys some attention.

Cuckoo, a Silkie/Serama/Cochin cross enjoys some attention.

They are not only indoor/outdoor house pets, but I used them in education events, schools and nursing homes. They are both rescues from a friend who lost his 47 acres to foreclosure in Georgia.

Little Sumo-san is a white Silkie (ADORABLE!) and Cuckoo is a Silkie/Serama/Cochin cross.  Seramas are the smallest chicken that there is. They are very popular in their native Malaysia as apartment pets.

I brought my two girls upstairs for some TV time two nights ago. Their personalities are so different, little Sumo-san preferring to sit and sing and purr in one spot on a little bed, and Cuckoo just TRUCKING around exploring EVERYTHING. She had to get into some boxes that are still left from unpacking, thought about getting on the kitchen counter, stood on a stack of books, got in the bathtub.  She just had a ball, and I kept them up past their bedtime just because she was having so much fun.

If you have chickens, go give them some treats.  – Dorene –

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