View the eclipse in Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights

The Heights, the Brentwood Recreation Complex and the Maplewood Library will host events to view the total eclipse of the sun on August 21.

The Brentwood Parks and Recreation, the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce and the Brentwood Public Library will host an event at the Brentwood Recreation Center. Free solar sunglasses will be available for the first 250 guests.

The Heights will host an event on its front lawn beginning at 12:30. The Richmond Heights Library has been handing out viewing glasses — they’ve run out but are ordering more. They plan to save some for the day.

The Maplewood Library will have a limited number of solar eclipse glasses. The area outside the library will be open for viewing. The library isn’t planning any activities, but invites people to bring their own pinhole projectors, protective eye wear — NEVER look at an eclipse with the naked eye, they say.




4 thoughts on “View the eclipse in Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights

  1. At Maplewood Library:

    Start of partial eclipse (C1) : 2017/08/21 16:49:46.5 +58.5° 143.2° 291° 01.3
    Start of total eclipse (C2) : 2017/08/21 18:17:41.2 +63.1° 187.2° 043° 10.8
    Maximum eclipse (MAX) : 2017/08/21 18:18:07.6 +63.1° 187.5° 203° 05.3
    End of total eclipse (C3) : 2017/08/21 18:18:34.1 +63.1° 187.7° 004° 12.1
    End of partial eclipse (C4) : 2017/08/21 19:44:10.3 +55.2° 226.4° 115° 09.4

    These are all UTC time, so subtract 5 hours. Totality at the Library will be at 1:18 and last 51 seconds

  2. Will the RH recplex and the Maplewood Library be in the path of the total eclipse?.