Vintage clothing store passes Maplewood plan & zoning

Maplewood plan and zoning on Monday approved an antique, vintage and collectible retail clothing store.

The store, at 2607-C Bellevue Avenue, is set to be called Reset Vintage Apparel, Bruce Schwerdt is the applicant.

Approval from the city council is the next step, which requires two council meetings.

2607-C Bellevue Avenue


5 thoughts on “Vintage clothing store passes Maplewood plan & zoning

  1. Another vacant building being utilized for a business and here come the whiners. Got something better? Put it to use or be quiet,

    • There have been no complaints. Only people happy its not a antique mall/brewery/chicken shop.

  2. How about another laundry mat? Maybe we can get a flea market err, antique mall too…

  3. I think this is a perfect business for Maplewood. Let’s hope that the city council approves it.