Waldbart Florist to move regardless what city council decides: source

Alex Waldbart Florist, at 7000 Clayton Road in Richmond Heights for 50 years, is set to move from the corner, and from Richmond Heights, no matter what the city council decides at its meeting Tuesday, according to a source.

The florist, along with Jon Paul Designs & Collectibles (next to Waldbart for 25 years) is being forced out due to the sale of the building. Richmond Heights planning and zoning approved a Total Access Urgent Care business to replace it at a meeting this month. The city council on Tuesday could reconsider the decision or let it stand.

Total Access Urgent Care (TAUC Properties LLC), owned by Dr. Mathew Bruckel, plans to flip the property even if the city council doesn’t approve the urgent care center. The closing on the property is mid-September, the source said.

12 thoughts on “Waldbart Florist to move regardless what city council decides: source

  1. A ridiculous move and a wasted opportunity. Think about these things the time you vote folks.

  2. I just passed Walbarts today…thinking that it was so nice to see an original building and long time business still there. So sorry to read the news that it may be replaced by another urgent care!

  3. Stop the demo of our most beautiful and iconic structures. These buildings are what give our neighborhoods a sense of place and character. If Total Access wants to locate on the corner they should rehab the current building. The cheap recreation they showed at the the meeting last week looks like junk!

    It’s sad to hear WF and JPD are moving and leaving RH.

    • Yes, RH is stepping to a new low with this one. These are irreplaceable buildings and make that corner what it is. A ubiquitous urgent care facility that will likely not survive longer than a few years is a disgrace…. How about that medical building across the street? I believe they have some vacant space.

  4. If they can afford the rent, why not the old Jive & Wail spot at Manchester and Sutton?

    Hopefully the sign could survive the move.

    • I agree. Two things Maplewood doesn’t have and could really use:
      a florist and a good drycleaner.

  5. I don’t blame them. I wouldn’t want to conduct business while wondering when it will happen again. RH has displayed a lack of loyalty to a long-time RH business. It has shown no caring for the character of our neighborhood. We will get an ugly, “modern” building, and an unneeded business.

  6. This is so sad! There is literally an urgent care 2 blocks up called, our urgent care!