West Community Credit Union president agrees to save shade trees

Two large trees on the grounds of the new West Community Credit Union building will be saved in the construction of the new building, now underway. President of West Community Credit Union, Jason Peach, agreed to keep the trees.

Brentwood resident Barry Williams said he asked Peach to save the trees two years ago, and Peach, through his assistant on Thursday, said the trees won’t be touched.

Williams said one tree is a shingle oak and the other is a catalpa.

The contractors have laid down a steel grate for trucks to drive on. “God bless Jason and his contractor!” Williams said. “They placed this grate here to prevent the heavy trucks from compacting the trees’ soil – something that would harm and perhaps kill the trees.”

The two trees to be saved on the property.

The steel grate for trucks to drive on.

The new credit union construction progress on Thursday.


2 thoughts on “West Community Credit Union president agrees to save shade trees

  1. Our world needs more good corporate citizens like Jason Peach. His decision to preserve these trees demonstrates his respect for our community and will enhance his expanded WCCU campus and replacement building. Brentwood residents should reward Mr. Peach by giving him their business. Thanks, Mr. Peach. And thanks, Doug, for reporting this good-news story.

  2. That’s awesome! Here in Maplewood, they cut down six large trees on my block to put in new street, curbs etc. They included a beautiful, large, HEALTHY pin oak in this horrible decision. Yes, some were in declining health but of the remaining few is a 90% dead silver maple. How irresponsible. Sorry just had to vent! Just missing our trees. Glad somebody cares enough to try and save our trees. Thank you ???