Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights to vote April 5: voters guides

Municipal elections are set for Tuesday, April 5 in St. Louis County and City. In addition to municipal and school district issues, Brentwood, Maplewood and Richmond Heights residents will vote on St. Louis County and MSD propositions.

All residents will vote on St. Louis County Proposition B, to preserve the existing sales tax on out of state vehicle sales. See more on this at St. Louis Public Radio.

All will also vote on MSD propositions Y and S. See information on these on the MSD website, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. NextSTL has more information, and recommends ‘no’ votes on both.

See a sample of your April 5 ballot on the Missouri Secretary of State website by entering your home address. It will also show your polling place. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also has a voters guide.

Brentwood voters will have four different ballots — one for each ward:

  • Ward 1 — aldermanic candidates: David Dimmitt, Maureen Saunders
  • Ward 2 — aldermanic candidate: Sunny Sims
  • Ward 3 — aldermanic candidates: Andrew Leahy, John (Rocky) Ritter
  • Ward 4 — aldermanic candidates: Patrick Toohey, Kathy O’Neill

Brentwood voters will also vote on city, county and MSD propositions:

  • St. Louis County Proposition B
  • City of Brentwood Proposition B — same as county’s Prop B, but for Brentwood city
  • Metropolitan Sewer District Bond Election Proposition Y
  • Metropolitan Sewer District Bond Election Proposition S

Maplewood voters will vote on the MRH School District Proposition Y, propositions to set term limits for council members and the mayor (Props C and M), one to firm up the deadline for signatures on a petition — no signatures can be added after the deadline (Prop P), and one to eliminate the city treasurer position (Prop T) — the city hasn’t employed a treasurer for several years. Be aware that Maplewood will have two Proposition Y’s on the ballot: Prop Y for the MRH School District, and Prop Y for MSD.

See the Maplewood sample ballot here. On the Maplewood ballot:

  • St. Louis County Proposition B
  • Maplewood Charter Amendment Proposition C — sets term limits for Maplewood council members
  • Maplewood Charter Amendment Proposition M —  sets term limits for Maplewood mayor
  • Maplewood Charter Amendment Proposition P — firms up deadline for signatures on petitions
  • Maplewood Charter Amendment Proposition T — eliminates city treasurer position
  • MRH School District Proposition Y — MRH schools proposition
  • Metropolitan Sewer District Bond Election Proposition Y
  • Metropolitan Sewer District Bond Election Proposition S

Each district in Richmond Heights will have its own ballot. Ballots will also differ by school district. MRH district residents will vote on Proposition Y. Ladue School District residents will vote on Proposition R, to renovate Horton Watkins High School.

See the City of Richmond Heights voter guide, which includes information on the county and MSD propositions.

  • District 1 —  city council candidates: Greg Vescovo, Jr., Mark Mueller, Joan Provaznik
  • District 2 — city council candidates: Rick Vilcek, Derek Bolden
  • District 3 — city council candidate: Megan Moylan
  • District 4 —  city council candidates: Charles Connors, Danny Hebenstreit
  • St. Louis County Proposition B
  • School district proposition MRH Proposition Y

Richmond Heights residents will also vote for mayor: Jim Thomson, James Beck

4 thoughts on “Brentwood, Maplewood, Richmond Heights to vote April 5: voters guides

  1. It’s recently been reported that the Heights polling place (as well as other polling centers in the region) have run out of ballots.

    *** FYI, any voter registered in St. Louis County can cast their ballots at the Board of Elections office, located at: 12 Sunnen Drive, in Maplewood, MO *** PLEASE pass along this information. Thank you! AND thank you in advance for your YES vote on MRH Prop Y 🙂

  2. make sure you read the next stl link above. It changed my mind. about the msd props.

  3. So I’m looking at the Maplewood sample ballot, in particular at the two changes in the charter that would change the length of terms and provide term limits for all elected city officials (not just for the mayor, as it now stands). There’s nothing in the charter change that spells out how elections would be staggered (assuming they would be) if both of these changes go through. Maybe somebody out there in 40south cyberland knows (Shawn F? Barry G? Doug?). If both changes go through, would half the city council be elected one April (one councilperson from each ward), then the other half the next April (the other councilperson from each ward), then the mayor in the following April?
    I’ve heard a rumor that the rationale for this change is to allow people to run for mayor without having to sacrifice their council seat. In other words, as the staggering works now, if you’re a city council person elected in the same year as the mayor, if you want to run for mayor, you have to give up your council seat. The other sitting council members (voted in in off-year/non-mayoral elections) don’t have to do that. Is that the rationale, at least for three-year terms, if not for term limits?
    Thanks to anyone who knows and can say!

    • Hi Steve – for the record, since we talked this morning at the Heights — Voting for Maplewood council members will be staggered, which means if one wants to run for mayor it will be in the middle of their term, so they wouldn’t have to chose between running for council or running for mayor. A rule says a name can’t be on a ballot twice. Nice seeing you and trading rumors.