Correction: wine bar is coming

Brian Hobbs still plans to open a wine bar (at one time to be called Chateau Maplewood) possibly at the J&E Office City location — 7326 Manchester Road — in spite of contractor Patrick Jugo’s information that the buildout job was shut down in November, and this publication’s report that the wine bar subsequently wouldn’t open.

Hobbs corrected 40 South through Twitter on Wednesday.

Jugo had said the client had monetary issues and that he and the building owner are pursuing new tenant options.

Hobbs was general manager at Bar Les Freres in Clayton for four and a half years before leaving to start up Chateau Maplewood.

Maplewood city council approved the conditional permit in August 2017.

7326 Manchester Road is for up for lease.

7 thoughts on “Correction: wine bar is coming

  1. all you wine enthusiasts should consider making a donation to the guy. Just starting out and having financial troubles is not how I was taught to start a business. First thing I was taught was have enough to start up plus several months or at least a year in reserve for the costs of opening a business, the unknown items from everything to construction costs to the slow start as you get the word out that there is a new place to go to buy your product. Maybe I was the only one who ever heard “it takes money to make money”?

    Either the story’s information is wrong about financial difficulties or the future owner is not telling it straight. Maybe some more questions should be asked and not just on Twitter.

  2. As a Maplewood wine enthusiast I’m super bummed about this news. Hopefully something else good will come.

  3. That’s interesting – it seems to be the third thing now: I see that the building at the corner of Sutton andManchester is also back up for lease and there had been a restaurant planned for there. Also read an article in here recently about a proposed candy shop not coming.

    • The building at the corner of Sutton and Manchester has been divided in two – the restaurant (Elmwood) is taking half, the other half is available.