Witnesses act, police catch hit-and-run suspect

On Sunday at around 1 p.m. a driver in a rented GMC Acadia with Illinois plates pulled forward, and right, out of a parking space at Shop ‘n Save too sharply, damaging a 2013 Ford Focus sedan. The crunching sound caused a pedestrian on Sutton Boulevard to look and see the accident.

Immediately following the accident, the driver of the GMC accelerated, left the parking lot, crossed Sutton heading west behind The Blue Duck, then turned north on Margarette Avenue. He then turned south on Lyle Avenue and stopped at the intersection at Manchester — two blocks from the accident, possibly to inspect the damage to his car.

The witness on Sutton, and about seven other people, who were in the Blue Duck parking lot, walked over to inspect the damaged car. The owner of the Focus and a store employee came out. A witness called Maplewood police, who arrived in about five minutes.

One of the witnesses left the scene in the direction that the GMC took off in and saw it parked at Manchester and Lyle. He came back to the parking lot and told the Maplewood officer; he left to investigate.

Ten minutes later two Maplewood squad cars, and the suspect driving the GMC returned to the parking lot.

The driver of the GMC said it was rented. The victim said he worked at an auto body shop, and was quite calm about the accident.

A Shop ‘n Save employee talks with the victim in the hit and run. The victim had pushed some of the damaged pieces of the fender back together.


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