Woman finances Audi with toddler’s social security number: police

Superior M. Clark, 29, of St. Louis was charged with identity theft, after using a social security number issued to a two-year-old child in purchasing a 2011 Audi Q7 at Dean Team Volvo of Brentwood, in Maplewood.

According to court and police records, Clark bought the Audi on March 13 with $1,000 down, financing the rest. She provided a Social Security number — issued not to her but to a two-year-old — in applying for the loan.

After discovering the fraud, the dealership contacted Clark, saying she needed to bring the car back for servicing. She came in with the car and was arrested by Maplewood police. She confessed to knowingly using a Social Security number that had not been issued to her, saying that she had obtained it from an online ‘credit repair’ company after being denied a loan for a different vehicle using her own Social Security number.

2 thoughts on “Woman finances Audi with toddler’s social security number: police

  1. Beautiful. Then she tries to blame the “credit repair” company. You only have one SS number – a credit repair company will not issue you a new one….