Woman says Brentwood Police chief is protecting former corporal accused of sexual assault

A woman from Rock Hill at Monday’s Brentwood Board of Aldermen meeting said a Brentwood Police major refused to show up for a meeting Friday at the police station. The meeting was about about a complaint she had with Brentwood Chief of Police Joseph Spiess.

She began her time with the aldermen: “…as you know, I was the woman who was sexually assaulted by Dan Retzlaff, one of your former police officers.”

She also said the officials couldn’t have done proper due diligence when hiring the chief given a legal ruling that Spiess had deprived a man of his civil rights.

The mayor or none of the aldermen had a response.

The video below is from the city of Brentwood’s YouTube video of the meeting.

11 thoughts on “Woman says Brentwood Police chief is protecting former corporal accused of sexual assault

  1. Dawn told our brother that she was raped over 3 years ago by an officer at the police academy or something like that. She is always claiming rape and crisis. Crazy! Just plain crazy!

  2. This woman has been posting in my township’s Facebook page continuously. I watched about half of one of her 15-minute rants. She is insane, it is clear from watching her smile the entire time she tells her nutty stories.

    I stopped watching when she said “the days he raped me” and “my mom was upset because she knew my last rape accusations were determined to be unfounded”.

    So she was raped but kept coming back for more? Yeah, right. Oh, she has a history of falsely crying “non-stranger rape” too…

    She sounds like a dumped crazy woman to me, one empowered by the Pound Me Too movement.

  3. I do believe we still live in the United States of America, where there is a presumption of innocence, until proven guilty. In this case, there was an independent investigation, and no charges were filed. The aldermen reacted as I hoped they would. They should not respond by supporting either party. That is why we have a judicial system. Until someone is proven guilty, we don’t want kneejerk responses from our politicians.

  4. I was really bothered watching the woman’s statement and disappointed but not surprised by the reaction of the aldermen. I know zero about the matter but come on what if she were your sister, mother, aunt whatever. You’d expect some words from the elected officials. Yes?

  5. Thank you for writing this. I have felt so alone trying to get the city to take me seriously. Thank you to all of the Brentwood residents who have reached out to me to with such kind words and support.

  6. It took great courage for this woman to tell her story. I hope that there is a thorough investigation. She deserves that.