Woman shares Maplewood memories

Joan Carollo, who grew up in Maplewood, emailed some remembrances to 40 South. Her grandparents lived in a house that now borders the MRH Early Childhood Center, according to Google Maps.

From Joan Carollo:

My grandparents lived on 2816 Burgess Avenue in Maplewood, and raised four children (my mom, one sister and two brothers). They owned a business on Manchester west of Laclede Station Road.

My mom was born February 5, 1912. I was born in 1940 and visited my grandparents every Sunday. The family business was EverReady Heating & Sheet Metal.

Around 1956 they built a home in Salem Hills in Rock Hill and my son owns and lives in that home now.

My uncle was one of the first mayors of Rock Hill. I loved Maplewood and remember climbing the steps on Burgess to play at Valley School’s playground.

Memories of Maplewood Pool remain in my mind. I will love reading all of your info, Bettendorf’s on Sutton etc.

2816 Burgess Avenue, via Google Maps

9 thoughts on “Woman shares Maplewood memories

  1. My mom also grew up in 1913 and grew up in Maplewood. Her parents were charter members of the Methodist church. I grew up in Brentwood but loved to visit my grandparents and go down to all the stores on Manchester. They lived on Sutton where Shop and Save is now

  2. It is stories like this that keeps generations alive with long ago memories and close ties.

  3. Wow I also lived in that house and watched them build Valley School. My dad worked for EverReady Heating and Sheetmetal. I was born in 1953 and we moved to Burgess when I was 3 or 4. We must of bought the home after your parents. Small world.

    • The original Valley School was built in the 1900s You probably bought this house from my Grandparents when they built in RockHill My Mom was born in 1912 & raised in this house
      Maybe your Dad worked for my Grandfather ?? Shortly before moving my Uncles took over the
      Business & built a new Building in RockHill 98-99 Manchester

  4. I hope this house is still there……I know they have added a big addition onto the Early Childhood Center.

    • I recently sold my house on Comfort Ave. and moved to Kirksville, MO. I really miss my little house….it was just up the street and around the corner from this house. My son lives on Comfort, and his two boys went to ECC, and are now in the grade school.

    • The house is still there. The new addition is on the other side of the fence pictured.