Maplewood History: Charlie Notter and Corkball

Ernie B——t was one of the first fellows that I got to know when I began working at the Chrysler truck plant in Fenton in 1968.  His real last name was Bullock and maybe still is if he’s around.  I was 18.  He was 33.  He’d be 88 today.

Facebook discussion on painted brick, apartment building renovation

The 40 South News editor posted a photo of a Maplewood apartment building (at 7389 Maple Avenue) under renovation on the Maplewood, MO Facebook group, stating his hope that the renovation doesn’t include painting the bricks; that paint destroys the character of historical buildings.

Rocket Park opening waiting for warmer temps

Maplewood’s Rocket Park was closed after the historic flooding in St. Louis last July  — flood waters mixed gravel and possible contaminants with the cushioned playground surface, according to Maplewood’s director of public works, Anthony Traxler.