2nd shooting on Commonwealth Avenue in 2 nights; police find more than 40 spent casings

Maplewood Police reported in a release on Tuesday that a second round of shots fired on Commonwealth Avenue followed the first the following night.

According to the release Maplewood police officers responded to a report of multiple gunshots fired in the 7300 block of Flora Avenue at approximately 11:40 p.m. on Feb. 25.

The officers failed to locate any shooting on Flora but then discovered that a second shooting had occurred at the same apartment in the 7400 block of Commonwealth Avenue, as previously reported, on Feb. 24.

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The suspect(s) fired several rounds though the bedroom window. The apartment was unoccupied; the resident had moved out for their own safety after the first incident.

Some of the rounds fired into the target apartment traveled through the bedroom wall into an adjacent apartment that was occupied. Several rounds also hit a vehicle parked on the street near the apartments.

Investigating officers recovered more than 40 spent .223 and 9 mm shell casings at the scene.

No one sustained any injuries during the incident.

Maplewood police detectives continue their investigation. If anyone has information regarding these offenses please contact the Maplewood Police Department at 314-645-3000.

6 thoughts on “2nd shooting on Commonwealth Avenue in 2 nights; police find more than 40 spent casings

  1. The exact same shooting happened on Arsenal in Clifton Heights neighborhood Saturday night . If you want to see drug activity in plain sight near our area keep in eye on the parking lot if Frances Slay Park any time of the day .

      • Looks like 6200 block of Arsenal & it happened Monday morning around 3 am . Very similar circumstances to the Maplewood shootings & about 1.5 miles apart .

  2. Not at all what I want to hear about my community. I know not everyone in Maplewood is a nice person and even if they are they may have some knuckleheads for friends or former friends. I really hate to hear this kind of stuff going on.
    Where is the next shooting going to be?

  3. Not sure how this happens 2 nights in a row. Why was MPD not in the area last night? I see a patrol car out there today but geez 2 drive by shootings at the same apartment in 2 days is ridiculous.

    • someone really wanted to get whoever they were shooting at or are not very smart to return to the scene of the crime the next night. At least that is my thought on it.

      One thing that we have to remember is there are only so many officers on duty at a time. So if we have an officer sitting there on duty every evening that means some place else is without an officer on duty or we are paying extra for the officers to be there. And how long do you keep an officer there? 3 days, 3 weeks?