Quik Trip buys corner in Ellendale

NextSTL, on Instagram (@nextstl), has posted that Quik Trip has taken possession of 6800 Arsenal. It’s in the Ellendale neighborhood next to Maplewood.

Maplewood History: First There Were Horses – A Repost

Before there were cars, that is.  I had been thinking about running this post again for quite a while.  I had forgotten that there were three separate posts about the horses.  I think we are very lucky to have found so much information.  This one will start you off.

Maplewood History: A Thatched Roof On Big Bend

Quite a while ago, ( I have forgotten the year), a thatched roof was added to a fairly plain commercial building on Big Bend (next to Mr. Wizard’s Ice Cream Place).  It was added by the owner of the building who, as far as I know, was a woman with a shop there that sold high quality things from Ireland.  I imagine that she added the thatched roof to make her nondescript building more charming for her customers.

Maplewood History: A Hunk, A Hunk of Burning…Hobby? Revisited

January is already two thirds over.  I have a couple of ideas for upcoming blog posts but the circumstances of everyday living keep getting in the way of working on them.  Fortunately, fellow Maplewood history aficionado Luke Havel mentioned in an email that he occasionally sees matchbook covers from businesses now long gone that once thrived (or didn’t) in our fair town available on eBay.

Maplewood History: Now You Can Own A Reproduction Of A Stan Masters Watercolor!

Dear Readers,

Most of you are probably unaware of the value of an original watercolor by Stan Masters.  For about the past 16 years Stan’s paintings have been ably marketed by the local fine art and antiques dealer Robert Morrissey.  With Robert’s help and marketing skills, Stan’s widow and my friend and former neighbor, Carlene, has done far better than she could on her own. Today, one of Stan’s fine paintings is likely to cost you several thousand dollars and higher.  Stan would be very pleased.  Why is it that we never appreciate these guys until they’re gone?

Maplewood History: Stan Masters – A World Class Watercolorist…From Maplewood

Over the twelve or thirteen years since I began this adventure, this site has gained many new readers as one might expect.  While most of what I have posted can still be found, it is not easy.  For one thing you have to know what to search for.  There exists a plethora of interesting articles that a lot of the newer readers have never seen.

Maplewood History: The Bruno Farm

John Baptiste Bruno once had a farm adjacent to and just north of James Sutton’s.  Lucky for us area historian, Esley Hamilton had done his homework on this one.