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Colin Bassett

Opinion: Maplewood’s Decade of Change

Stories of Black residential displacement in St. Louis County are not hard to come by. Meacham Park. Brentwood Promenade. Downtown Clayton. One of these...

Opinion: I’m a teacher. Here’s what Barry Greenberg gets wrong about listening.

If you’ve read anything about higher-ed teaching in the last ten years, it’s likely to have revolved around the importance of inclusive classrooms. Instructors...

Opinion: Maplewood, It’s Time to Plan for What’s Next

In August of last year, the city of Richmond Heights adopted its latest comprehensive plan—an official city document establishing the city’s long-term vision, goals,...

Opinion: Maplewood’s Mayoral Election by Colin Bassett

Opinion: Maplewood’s Mayoral Election by Colin Bassett Former city council member Sandi Phillips was one of my first connections in Maplewood city government. I am happy...

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