Maplewood restaurants go strawless; others use compostable, paper

When The Crows Nest posted on Instagram that straws would be given out on request only, the owner challenged other Maplewood restaurants to do the same.

Now, so far, The Blue Duck, Thai Table (opening soon), Robota, and Reeds American Table have joined The Crows Nest in giving out straws only on request.

Other Maplewood food establishments offer compostable (made from corn, not plastic) or paper straws. Traveling Tea has used only compostable straws since the day it opened, according to owner Katerie Mayer. Schlafly Bottleworks also uses compostable straws, Meyers said. The Living Room also uses paper straws.

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Americans use 500 million straws daily, which is an environmental problem, according to National Geographic.

Poster in the front window of The Crow’s Nest

5 thoughts on “Maplewood restaurants go strawless; others use compostable, paper

  1. Thanks for eliminating straws. They cause a huge problem for wildlife. The zoo has banned them for years.

  2. thanks for taking a lead
    Hope this leads to less disposables overall

    • iknowright?!
      What next?
      Disposable plastic water bottles are wasteful? Dumping used motor oil down storm sewers is dangerous? Spraying aerosol into the air is bad for our health?