New space available at slightly higher rate

Schlafly Corporation (real estate, not brewery), through the name, Dardenne Development, bought 7401 Manchester, at the corner of Manchester and Sutton in May 2016 for $950,000, according to St. Louis County records. The Blue Duck restaurant has opened in the building; the rest is under development and available for lease.

via Schlafly Corporation

Schlafly is asking $22 per square foot for the retail space, which includes delivery of a white box space, custom entry, 14-foot ceilings and 30+ parking lot. See more details here. Up to 5,400 square feet available in the building.

The rate is higher than other spaces in Maplewood, though many factors go into the rate, including location, position in building, condition of building, additional rent, size of space and length of lease. Downtown Maplewood first floor commercial rents seem to range from $15 to $18 per square foot.


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