Armed robbery at Galleria parking lot: police

Richmond Heights Police reported Friday on Facebook that an armed robbery took place on the Galleria mall lot.

Richmond Heights Police reported: Friday at 12:45 p.m. there was an armed robbery on the Galleria Mall parking lot. This was not a random act. The victim agreed to meet the suspect on the lot to sell the suspect a cell phone. During the transaction the suspect produced a gun and robbed the victim of the phone and additional cash.

While fleeing the scene in a vehicle the suspect threw the gun out window onto the ramp from Brentwood Blvd to westbound Inerstate-64. The recovered gun was actually a toy and the investigation is continuing.

3 thoughts on “Armed robbery at Galleria parking lot: police

  1. What type of security is in the special. To be on the safe side security should I bring a Colt .45 cal 1911, point of aim is the point of impact at 10 yards! Or does one bring a .40 cal Glock or both for backup?

  2. Maplewood Police Department has an area specifically set aside for transactions. I saw the aign behind City Hall. IF I ever decide to do such a transaction I will do it there. BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY.