‘Better Together’ representative to speak at Richmond Heights council meeting

A representative from ‘Better Together,’ the group promoting merging St. Louis city and county will speak at the April 1 Richmond Heights City Council meeting, Mayor Jim Thomson said Monday in the council meeting.

He said he didn’t know if the representative will take questions but assigned each city council member the task of coming to the meeting prepared with one question and possibly a follow-up.

“I’m hoping they will come professionally, and so will we,” Thomson said.

The April 1 meeting will begin at 7 p.m. instead of the regular 7:30 p.m. start time.

Also in the meeting on Monday Richmond Heights Parks and Recreation Director Teresa Proebsting gave the timeline for the planned renovations for The Heights.

The work will be done in two phases: the pool and related areas such as the locker rooms and sauna will be Phase 1, beginning in April and running about eight months, Proebsting said.

Phase 2, to take about five months, will include the entire gym, group fitness rooms, new fitness rooms on the second floor, a fitness equipment update and track resurfacing.

She said the pool will be ADA accessible, will have a splash pad for toddlers, the locker rooms will have swimming suit dryers, and the lanes in the new pool will be regulation width of 7 and a half feet.

She also said the Mid-County Y (and any other area YMCA) has agreed to be an alternate facility while the work is going on. A Heights member will be able to use either the Heights or the YMCA but not both. A member can also chose to cancel their Heights membership and then rejoin when they wish with no extra fees.

This post initially ran on March 5.



6 thoughts on “‘Better Together’ representative to speak at Richmond Heights council meeting

  1. Don’t need to ask questions anymore. I know all I need to know about the “merger.” It’s a big fat NO from me.

  2. Those of you interested in this topic may wish to attend the April 1 city council meeting. While Richmond Heights residents may not be allowed to ask questions directly of the Pelopidas, LLC, (“Better Together”) representative, there is a public comment period during every council meeting. Any citizen can pose questions or express concerns to the council during that part of the meeting.

    Those of you with council district meetings coming up, may be able to discuss the merger with your alderpersons in advance of the April 1 council meeting.

  3. BT holding their 1st town hall tonight, must RSVP, only 150 seats, already gone. Can’t make this stuff up. Good news though county residents. Stenger the County Executive we elected attended 15% of a county council meeting this week (then walked out) after missing something like 9 this year. Seems he got upset when the council began discussion and vote on a measure to remove him from office for not attending meetings….hello? Great! This is who will become mayor for around 5 years if BT merger passes.

    • To add insult to injury, even if the Council removes him from office, if BT passes, he will still be the new Metro Mayor (it’s written into the ballot language). It would be like giving him an 18-month vacation!

      The best part — if he gets removed from office, he’ll no longer be an elected official, meaning that he would no longer be covered by lobbying or disclosure laws. Everybody with a checkbook will be able to line the pockets of the man who will be responsible for writing the new charter, leading the transition team, and be the head of the new government; and the public would never even find out about it!