Book House not closing, despite appearance, owner says

Owner of The Book House (7352 Manchester Road), Michelle Barron, said that in spite of the east side of the shop’s storefront being emptied of shelves and (mostly) books, she wants everyone to know that, “We definitely are not closing!”

The east side of the space is being made available for another tenant.

Barron said they are still working on getting the back room sorted out and still need a lot of storage space and volunteers to help move boxes downstairs.

The store-wide sale is over but clearance books are marked down. The children’s books have been moved downstairs.

Barron said that they  would love to have a café or coffee shop in the new space next door. She said it’s been her plan all along to embed a café into the bookstore.

The sculpture in front of the Book House has been removed so a new tenant could take the space behind it.


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