Brentwood to consider economic development sales tax; city surveys residents

Brentwood city officials on Monday will consider placing a sales tax on the April ballot, according to the meeting agenda. It would be used for: ” including but not limited to the Brentwood Bound projects.”

Brentwood Bound is the flood mitigation project on Manchester Road between S. Brentwood Boulevard and Hanley Road. See information on the project here. See the Community Task Force Final Report. BrentwoodBoundReport112918

Also, the city is asking residents to take part in an online survey regarding the Brentwood Bound project: Take the survey here

See the bill on the Monday meeting agenda: Bill No. 6229- Economic Development Sales Tax (Ordinance)

5 thoughts on “Brentwood to consider economic development sales tax; city surveys residents

  1. I think raising taxes to fund this project would be generally more accepted if it didn’t seem like it was a pet project of our corrupt mayor. If it doesn’t pass, they should try to put it on the ballot again once he’s gone.

    • I think the jury is still out on the mayor. But I would like to know who exactly is “”. Who is paying for the PR campaign which has been going on these past few months? Is this tax money? Or are the usual “developers” behind it? It’s one thing to spend tax money on a civic improvement campaign, but when you start using this campaign to lobby for a tax increase, it becomes a political issue. I don’t believe the city should be engaged in this type of behavior. And if it’s not the city, but business interests behind the campaign, I believe their names should be made public. You can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

  2. Just looked at the survey. It’s a push poll. I somewhat supported this project till today, but if the powers that be are going to use dishonest polls to push their agenda, I’m out. Can’t wait to see all the developers come out and explain why shoppers should fund their vacation homes and retirements.