Brentwood Parks wants your ideas, concerns, hopes

The City of Brentwood wants to hear your ideas about how to improve our parks, trails and green space.

Residents are invited to a community meeting about the Brentwood Parks System Master Plan from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. April 10 at the Brentwood Community Center, Room 104.

The purpose of the meeting is for the City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department to gather input on the master plan. You are invited to share your thoughts, concerns, hopes and ideas.

For more information, contact Recreation Superintendent Eric Gruenenfelder at

4 thoughts on “Brentwood Parks wants your ideas, concerns, hopes

  1. Cannot wait for the idea of a dog park to finally come to fruition. I have friends who have worked for years to have a dog park here in Brentwood. It is time it happens ….Good use of that property. M:)(:


    The Brentwood site informs citizens of upcoming activities and meetings as well.

    Other upcoming activities you will find listed with details on Brentwood’s site are:

    4/5/2014 Park Clean Up/ Community Garden planting

    4/12/2014 Trash Can Painting Day

    Come help support our community and show off your art skills.

  3. Gosh Doug!! thanks for all the good you do in Brentwood, as in keeping the public informed. I would LOVE to see a dog park. On my way to the Immacolata, I saw signage indicating this was a possibility. Unable to make the meeting, but wanted to pass this idea along–in case it is under consideration. Thank you. mbb.

    • At the March monthly coffee the mayor gave an update on the proposed dog park.

      The plan is for a dog park to be located at the now demolished Executive Walk Apt site.

      This site is considered in the flood plain and requires MSD’s

      Please note the prior article written:

      Hopefully MSD will approve and Brentwood can obtain any further approvals required to move forward with our own dog park.