Brentwood police dispatch found ‘live grenade’

Brentwood Police Department on Monday “quickly and safely resolved” what appeared to be a found grenade.

The department’s report on Facebook:

On Monday, April 22, a cleaning company discovered what they believed to be a live grenade while they were cleaning out a home in Brentwood. They contacted the police. The Bomb and Arson squad was immediately called to the scene and took possession of the device, placing it in their total containment vessel for subsequent off-site detonation. Brentwood Fire Department was on standby. Thanks to a swift and organized response, the matter was quickly and safely resolved.

The city of Brentwood hasn’t responded immediately to a question if the so-called grenade was live or a dummy.

Photos via the department’s Facebook page.

One thought on “Brentwood police dispatch found ‘live grenade’

  1. Modern US grenades are more rounded like a tennis ball. These older versions are more commonly found in old military shops. Both have a similar setup with the fuse in the middle. The screw at the bottom is in place and not hollowed out as most dummy grenades are to show they are no risk. While this grenade is not a real risk of detonating since the pin is intact with the spoon in place, there is reasonable concern here.